Actualism Theme Picture

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Actualism Theme Picture

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Dear All,

Thanks to the DhO genitor.

I am happy to share with the scholarly members of Dho, the following two cartoon like pictures.



This author is not responsible, for anyone believing, or disbelieving the theory, or the practices envisaged here. Nor does the genitors or the admins. of DhO take responsibility of these exhibits or explanations. Thanks.


It is said that one picture is equal to thousand words.


This caricature belongs to Existence itself. It appeared in a flash, in my mind, as I was relaxingly walking in my marathon 10 kilometer walk. But this flash is the result of 40 years of striving to understand the mystery of the Universe.

This can be used as an Yantra too. It tells everything.

The Eternal, Infinite Pristine Actuality - sees itself as Time, eternally. It sees itself, as the Universe, experiencing as planets, species, humans (as you and me, in our illusory blocks of ego, and instinctual passions). It goes on and on forever and ever, without any beginning or end.

Look at the even two circles, that has a DENT. In that dent you, me, and others exist. You can easily see, we are just our own illusion. It is all the Pristine Actuality that plays this game. But how powerfully we are caught up in delusion, born out of our own illusion, in the Pristine Actuality, WHERE NO DIRT ENTERS THE PRISTINE ACTUALITY, actually !!!!.



The first circle indicates the Conceptual Absolute.

The second circle indicates, the Illusory creations, as the religionists and the spiritualists affirm.

This way, God is a concept. This is ‘N O T ACTUAL’. A concept of the religionists and the spiritualists. A mind thing. Here creations are not ACTUAL, but imaginary ones.

So, this world is filled with wars and PEACE is missing



Only the ACTUAL FREEDOM as discovered, envisaged and gifted to the world by Richard, can give real peace and freedom to this suffering world. And the mimicked versions of Actual Freedom too cannot give Peace or Freedom.