Where does mahasi sayadaw's path end?

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Where does mahasi sayadaw's path end?

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I haven't really read much of mahasi sayadaw's work and I have hardly ever used noting, so I'd like to ask the opinion of those more experienced with his teachings. I recently saw posts that suggested noting might keep going beyond "4th path" and deal with emotions and fetters. I looked on google and with a little reading the guy does seem to take an adversarial approach to negative emotions like anger and lust. I'm still not sure though, i know mctb was hugely influenced by mahasi, is this where the limited emotional range model being a hoax idea came from? This is purely a point of curiosity for me.
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RE: Where does mahasi sayadaw's path end?

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Mahasi Sayadaw takes the orthodox Theravadin position that the end of the path is the end of all fetters / defilements.

I assume MCTB claims that this isn't true on the basis of practitioners not seeming to attain that, and Dan not attaining that when he came to what he considered the end of the path to be.

I myself have wondered whether a person who practices according to MCTB and sees everything as luminous and selfless and impermanent but still experiences defilements is simply not seeing the 3Cs of some phenomenon, and not seeing them gives rise to the defilements. I may write a post about this based on recent experiences of mine.