Oh, and one more thing..

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Oh, and one more thing..

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On this one I'm just curious if some of the thoughts I've entertained have no basis in anyone else's experience or if they in fact do, but anyway I've noticed at some point over the past 8 months or so that I have almost no tolerance for alcohol anymore. At least not as much as I used to have. I can actually sit and drink 5 or 6 beers and only then am I actually drunk, but after less than a single beer I already feel like I'm in a sort of altered state and have to wait a long time before I feel comfortable driving again.

What's odd too is that at least once this happened where I had to wait something ridiculous like 5 hours before I really felt back to baseline, and my pupils were pretty crazy dilated too..I've never had that or heard of that before either. It's as if with the first swallow of beer I can actually actively feel it changing my demeanor.

Well so anyway here's how my question comes about: could this all be psychological, or is it really a tolerance-related thing? Also, does anyone know of any connection between meditating and vastly increased sensitivity to substances like alcohol?
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RE: Oh, and one more thing..

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Don't know about alchool, but every single person I met with some meditative training is hypersensitive to maryuana and hashish.
For example, it just takes someone smoking that near to me for me to get very high for many many hours, and it takes a few days for the effect to completely fade.

I think it's just a question that, meditating on the body, you get more sensible to what's happpening in the body... I don't think it has to be more complicated than that.


Edit: also, sometimes it seems like I'm back to baseline, but then something happens (for example, someone tells a joke) and I can have a flashback (meaning, just being high again for a while).