Odors during Meditation?

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Odors during Meditation?

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I have only recently started to try to diligently begin being aware of my breathing. For the past few weeks I've seen some improvement in my ability to stick with being aware of my breath before it darts or wanders off.

My question is...

Lately, while meditating the distinct odor of wood burning arises. I have not a clue as to why it does. I do not smoke and do not burn incense or candles. It seems strongest at night when I lie down and am trying to go to sleep although this has happened when sitting up too. Often I'll practice being aware of my breath while lying down. Yes, I know you're supposed to meditate sitting up with your back straight and I do that too when I meditate during the day.

Is my brain getting rewired in some weird fashion so that meditating on the breath causes me to smell wood burning? I've checked my apartment (plus it's got smoke alarms) and this odor *only* and solely happens when I meditate.

Does anyone recognize this or had a similar experience him/herself?
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RE: Odors during Meditation?

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hello hamster dance,

I'd say go see a doctor. I recall Dr. Daniel Ingram suggesting that someone else who reported burning smells go see a doctor due to possible brain issues occurring.