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Actualism and stillness go hand in hand.

Finding stillness, and integrating with it, is probably what I would consider the main purpose of actualism.

Stillness is sort of like the personality of infinity. It's the character of the universe - of SPACE ITSELF.

Because stillness is everywhere at once, the only way to perceive it is to relinquish your feelings about things and to disperse focus across the entire plane of existence. As you may have noticed before, apperceptive awareness has no focus to speak of; because ones "vibe" has balanced, there is no movement inside. This is also why it is so *vibrant* and harmonious and joyful; because there is no vibe, everything shows its innate purity because you have stopped taking it seriously.

Stillness, therefore, could be referred to as an omnipresent innocence.

However, since stillness was here before you were, you can't *take* it or grab hold of it in any way. Instead, you have to mimic it; you have to be still yourself, which means to relax by letting go of your sense of proprietorship. Soon, the emotional "gravity" of stillness, which IS felicity, grabs hold of YOU and pulls you in.

I'd love to hear others chime in with their own little essays about actualism, the universe, or anything else. It would be nice to expand the lexicon offered by the AF trust into something a little more comprehensive (or easier to grasp).