BGeeks12 Recordings

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BGeeks12 Recordings

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wish I could have been there, I hope whoever went enjoyed it.
Here are some recorded sessions I dug out of the website:

Session 1: Welcome to Buddhist Geeks Conference 2012
Vincent Horn, Buddhist Geeks
Session 1

Session 2: The Future of Buddhism, Which is Now: Does Buddhism Have to Die to Be Reborn in the West?
Lama Surya Das, American Lama
Session 2

Session 3: Buddhist Geeks Live: Session One
Creativity Without Grasping with Martine Batchelor, Buddhist Teacher & Author
Mindful Binge Drinking and Blobology: The Promises and Perils of Contemplative Neuroscience with Willoughby Britton, Contemplative Scientist
McLuhan and Buddhism: How is the Medium Changing the Message? with Ken McLeod, Buddhist Teacher & Executive Coach
It’s a Jungle in There: What We Can Learn from the Naturalists with Daniel Ingram, Practical Dharma Teacher
Session 3

Session 4: Buddhist Geeks Live: Session Two
Geeks of Action: Balancing the Mat and the World with Matt Flannery, CEO
Selling the Dharma with Tami Simon, Sounds True CEO
Practice, Play, and Products with Rohan Gunatillake, Meditation by Design
Session 4

Session 5: Meditation and the Modern Cyborg
Amber Case, Cyborg Anthropologist
Session 5

Session 6: Comedy and Musical Performance
Stuart Davis, Writer-Director-Actor-Comedian-Songwriter
Session 6

Session 7: Buddhist Geeks Live: Session Three
After Enlightenment: Social Change and Intimacy with Michael Stone, Buddhist Activist
Living in the Heart of the Human Predicament with Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel, Buddhist Teacher & Author
Aesthetic/Anesthetic: Art, Geek, and Phenomena with Robert Spellman, Contemplative Artist
Session 7

Session 8: Buddhism and the Art of Imagining
Stephen Batchelor, Buddhist Author
Session 8

Session 9: Buddhist Geeks 2012 Conference Closing
Vincent Horn, Buddhist Geeks
Session 9

You can also watch them in a web-browser with live-streaming here
But I found it easier to download the session I want and then watch it locally, which allows me to skip forward if I wish.
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RE: BGeeks12 Recordings

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This is great, Ken is really preaching it at the start of session 3 (but I am a fanboy.)

Do you know whether the network delays recorded in the session 3 download you linked are also in the official "live session" video? They truncated his talk.
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RE: BGeeks12 Recordings

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I highly recommend Session 5: Amber Case is amazing.

Oh, yes, a bit of map geekery:

When she describes the thing in which she was everything but got afraid of where that might lead to:

Very likely 11th ñana, 3rd subjhana (or 6th subñana) aspect, meaning she was very likely sitting right on the ragged edge of the thing, though also could have been 4th ñana to 6th ñana, but something about the way she described it made me think of the former.

Anyway, good stuff.