Personal Blogs and Meditation Diaries

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Personal Blogs and Meditation Diaries

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Dear All Tech Types and those who care about these sorts of things,

Multiple times people have wanted either a place to blog about their practice or some place to have a discussion about their practice, which are really only somewhat different in format and both could serve the same purpose.

Various ways we could do this are:

1) Have blogs on people's personal home pages, which we are just working on creating now. The pros are that it is a person's own blog in their own space, but the downside is that they end up being pretty hard to find. This can be mitigated with a portlet called a Blog Aggregator, but the problem with that portlet is that it shows everything going on everywhere, which, for those who wish to keep things more private or closeted, causes obvious problems. This solution would probably need someone to re-write the stock Blog Aggregator to include a switch to de-activate its aggregation of private and hidden blogs and communities.

2) Simply add a discussion category for people's running, personal blogs, such as those already running by Tom Otvos and in the past by Rusty. This has the advantage of great ease of implementation.



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RE: Personal Blogs and Meditation Diaries

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I personally like option 2. It's simple and wouldn't cause too much trouble. I think it's interesting to get advice from someone and then go and read their personal practice thread to get a good idea of where they are coming from and what kind of stuff they do.

We already have this for people doing practices inspired by Actualism. We just need practice threads for the other folks.

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RE: Personal Blogs and Meditation Diaries

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#2 is better, by far.

My main thought is to ask why the home grown CMS solution when there are some outstanding platforms that have all of this built in. My favorite, Drupal would allow blogs AND organic groups (like for UK DhO'ers, etc) that could have their own forums and news/feeds etc all hanging off the main framework of the mother site. AND you could filter out types of posts you did not want to see in teh active list --i've been developing with this since 2003, i could go on for some time...

Talk to me if you want to learn more. I'd gladly lend a hand.