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RE: what was that
9/4/12 7:21 AM
sudhir gautam:
Hi all,

Recently, I came back from a 20 day retreat in Goenka jee's tradition. During 7th day of anapana, i felt for few seconds that I zoomed towards up like a very fast rocket and since then perception of the whole has been broken.. for e.g. when I am aware of a thought arising or senations, I am also aware that I did not choose that to happen, it is just happening volunatary. I hope this makes sense. Frankly, I am not sure what I am asking here.

Obviously this could be many things... according the MCTB map, the zooming sounds a lot like the stage of insight called 'arising and passing away', and the second bit about 'everything that is happening is happening' seems a bit like some experience and observation of the mark of existence called anatta, or 'No-self'... the notion that there is nothing me or mine.

My response is intentionally terse, but hopefully it is helpful to know that this is nothing particularly noteworthy, scary, or rare. Acknowledge this experience, but don't give it any special significance except to use it as more fodder to notice and abide.

RE: what was that
9/5/12 4:57 AM as a reply to m m a.
I agree, very likely A&P, anything zooming like is nearly perfectly diagnostic of the A&P.

Read about what may come next and what to do about it.

Goenka is great for getting people the A&P, not as good about what to do with what may follow...


RE: what was that
9/5/12 11:37 AM as a reply to Daniel M. Ingram.
Many thanks for the responses