crown chakra goin off

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crown chakra goin off

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Practicing shikantaza (not intentionally thinking about anything, though not suppressing anything) my crown chakra (surface on top of head) has been very energized. What exactly does this mean..?
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RE: crown chakra goin off

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Couldn't tell you exactly what it means but from my current understanding 'our' physical bodies are also composed of subtle energies as well as the apparent gross physical manifestation that you see in the mirror.

As we practice, we undergo changes/unblocking/purification of these subtle energies, what some refer to as opening of the chakras (junctions of these pathways) or kundalini. It is perfectly natural to get excited or worried about these things, but as a meditator, your job is to observe the three characteristics of ALL PHENOMENA, including these. Observe them with equanimity and they will ultimately pass away.

The fact that you are experiencing this should be encouraging, as it means that whatever you're doing is working. However, these sensations should not be sought after and certainly do not occur for everyone at every stage in the same way. You certainly shouldn't be disappointed if you don't experience these things!

If you'd like to delve more into it, there's a book entitle "The Little Book of Hercules" by William Bodri. It has served it's purpose for me and there are some real nuggets of wisdom in there. However, there's a tremendous amount of repetition/redundancy which render the book painfully cumbersome by about half way in my humble opinion (admittedly I only managed the first half!) Perhaps it gets better...
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RE: crown chakra goin off

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The 'crown stuff' may mean whatever 'meaning' your mind fabricates for/assigns to it. Or no meaning at all.

Giving mental 'weight' or 'status' to any aspect of the field of experience as it manifests in the moment is going establish some relationship with that now mentally fabricated 'object'. And this, in my experience seems to be a major supporting factor in any mental tension or stress arising. If no status nor weight is given mentally to any aspect of experience, no matter how subtle, then there is nothing to give shape to nor crave/avert from nor cling to. Is the crown stuff something to avert from? crave more of? fuss over? If yes to any of these questions, then weight and status has been given to the 'crown stuff', as now it's 'crown stuff'. Try observing it with perpheral vision rather than narrow focus on soley the 'crown' area. Be as panoramic as possible with awareness till there are no defined 'edges' to that soft way of perceiving. The crown stuff may be there, and it is still cognised, but try cognising it at the same time as the periphery (this includes the periphery of all the senses).

From my TCM studies, it could also be stagnant chi/ki/qi that is accumulating in that spot at the crown and having all your attention lunging onto that spot is supproting that stagnating/blocking to continue. Where consciousness goes, ki follows. It could be just some 'stuff' of the mind/body working itself out. I used to get third eye headaches and the dreaded 'iron skull cap' experience a lot in the early 'paths' as talked of here.

Experiment: you could ignore it and pay attention to other aspects of the mind and body. You could recognise how awareness is 'narrowing' onto the crown to give it 'shape' and 'status' and then pay attention to the periphery of awareness and let that manner of paying attention infect the middle/centre (the 'crown'). You could find a neutral aspect of the field of experience (a neutral sensation elsewhere on the body), or perception of visual 'space', and juxtapose or 'mash up' this aspect with the 'crown' sensations, so that the 'neutrality' of the neutral object infects the way the 'crown sensations' are observed. You could also fashion an equanimous relationship with those sensations, and just pay attention to them equanimously, cultivating this factor of awakening. Or ask HAIETMOBA. Or get curious about the three C's as expressed above. Experiment, and see how different ways of 'perceiving' those sensations (or not perceiveing them) leads to their continuation or dropping away.

2 cents

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RE: crown chakra goin off

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The crown chakra can light up like that during a kundalini experience.
It can also light up during an astral projection.

Be sure to post if you experience any other phenomena.
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RE: crown chakra goin off

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That first thing was posted about a month ago and strong energetic phenomena havent been happening much since.