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Powers and health
2/7/10 11:45 PM
Thirty year ago I had most of the abilities that Daniel talks about OBE , past lives awareness , toma, the ability to generate heat, I even once sat on a beach at night and everything around me turned pink in reflected light. I also could disappear. WHen it first happened I was meditating in front of a mirror and when I opened my eyes I could only see the wall behind. me. I was fascinated and tried it several times. Going into and out of view. However since I had been into the psychedelic scene several years before I had come to not entirely believe everything that was happening to me especially if it was so out of the ordinary. THe other factors for my disbelief was that it was night and all that was lighting the room was the outside streetlamp. At that point I decided to conduct the process as an experiment. Several weeks later after practicing I visited a good friend and asked her to meditate with me looking right at each other. She was willing to go along with the experiment as she trusted it would be interesting. What I observed after I disappeared was that her mouth dropped open in astonishment and then I came back to normal vision. We talked about what had happened and she was astonished that I knew exactly what I was doing. Still I was not completely satisfied since the experiment had been done in a room at dusk and that lead me to doubt. I finally decided to do the experiment in a place where I would have no doubts . It was on the Skyline Parkway in Virginia near Swannanoa. THe summer day was nearly cloudless, I was in an open field with two friends and it was a little after noon. Without warning I disappeared in front of them and the jaws dropped and eyes were rubbed . I confirmed what I had done. I still am in contact with the first lady I did it with and we talk about the experience from time to time. Soon afterward I got word from my guru to stop messing with siddhis as they were his not mine. I ceased my experiments and can no longer do any of the above consciously.
I would not be interested in pursuing this except that the body that I have for this lifetime is diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and because of the rather advanced stage needs extraordinary healing. So far it has happened . PSA which is a measuring system used in Prostate cancer has had results that have been several standard deviations from the norm in rate of decline. I am pleased and I realize that this is great but given what the situation is, magic is needed.
Since I have already experienced and practiced magic I invite comments on how to proceed or/and if to proceed in merging these former abilities in helping with the current situation.

RE: Powers and health
2/9/10 9:47 PM as a reply to f m.
I don't have a direct answer, but I recall reading the following in U Pandita's "In This Very Life" pg.55

Healing Body and Mind

About fifteen years ago there was a man who'd been suffering from gastric troubles for many years. When he went to his checkup, the doctor said he had a tumour and needed surgery. The man was afraid that the operation would be unsuccessful and he might die.

So he decided to play it safe in case he did die. "I had better go meditate" he said to himself. He came to practice under my guidance. Soon he began to feel a lot of pain. At first it was not bad, but as he made progress in practice and reached the level of insight connected with pain, he had a severe, unbearable, torturous attack. He told me about it and I said, "Of course you are free to go home to see your doctor. However, why don't you stay a few more days?"

He thought about it and decide there still was no guarantee he would survive the operation. So he decided to stay and meditate. He took a teaspoon of medicine every two hours. At times the pain got the better of him; at times he overcame the pain. It was a long battle, with losses on both sides. But this man had enormous courage.

During one sitting the pain was so excruciating that his whole body shook and his clothes were soaked in sweat. The tumour in his stomach was getting harder and harder, more and more constricted. Suddenly, his idea of his stomach disappeared as he was looking at it. Now there was just his consciousness and a painful object. It was very painful but it was very interesting. He kept on watching and there was just the noting mind and the pain, which got more and more excruciating.

Then there was a big explosion like a bomb. The yogi said he could even hear a loud sound. After that it was all over. He got up from his sitting drenched in sweat. He touched his belly but in the place where his tumour once protruded, there was nothing. He was completely cured. Moreover, he had completed his meditation practice, having had an insight into nibbana.

Soon afterwards this man left the center and I asked him to let me know what the odctor said about the gastric problem. The doctor was shcoked to see the tumour was gone. The man could forget the strict diet he had followed for twenty years, and to this day he is alive and in good health. Even the doctor became a Vipassana yogi!

I hae come across innumerable people who have recovered from chronic headaches, heart trouble, tuberculosis, even cancer and severe injuries sustained at an early age. Some of them had been declared incurable by doctors. All of these people had to go through tremendous pain. But they exercised enormous perseverance and courageous effort, and they healed themselves. More important, many also came to understand far more deeply the truth about reality by observing pain with tenacious courage and then breaking through to insight.

You should not be discourage by painful sensations. Rather, have faith and patience. Persevere until you understand your own true nature.

RE: Powers and health
2/11/10 4:26 AM as a reply to f m.
Wow. Your story is very impressive and interesting.

I am very sorry to hear about your prostate cancer, but glad your PSA is improving.

First, being a doctor, I am curious at what access you have to medical care and what they are doing?

Second, as someone who has played around with powers, the standard thing is strong concentration, powerful intention, formal resolutions, and letting it go. That is the age-old formula and it can't hurt to try it.

RE: Powers and health
2/12/10 3:32 PM as a reply to Daniel M. Ingram.
I have tried twice to give long answers but my guru has thwarted me on both attempts. So short answer . I have an ex-wife who is a retired MD volunteering as sort of case manager, she was a dermatopathologist . I am seeing a GP who was a professor of acupuncture in southern California, a former MD anesthesiologist turned naturopath who my ex-wife recommended. A trio of oncologists two medical and one radiological, and a urologist. Will be seeing a cardiologist at some point .
The allopathic physicians have agreed upon ADT, Luprin, casodex, finestrinide and zometa.
The naturopath is giving me various herbs:ACS,vitamin C transfusions, lemon grass, L-sterine,flaxseed lignans ,zeo-gold, and mixtures that he makes up himself.
The GP does acupuncture to help with the side effects of the allopathic medicine.
This is the formal medical communities involvement but I do not consider them the bulk of or even the best of the healers.

RE: Powers and health
2/13/10 2:36 AM as a reply to f m.
Sounds like you are hitting it on many fronts. I like the multifaceted approach.

The interesting thing about the powers is that they will surprise you sometimes when they actually work, and also surprise you when they don't. They have the curious habit of being unreliable, but amazing things do sometimes happen.

Let us know how this goes if you wish and I wish you very good luck with all that.