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MeditationVisa for Myanmar - from embassy in KL

Further to my recent post, I ended up flying to Kuala Lumpur to get my meditation visa from the Myanmar embassy there.
It was a quick and reasonably easy process.
I submitted the application in the morning, and it was ready the following afternoon.
It cost 150MYR.
You need to bring 2 passport photos on a white background, a photocopy of the details page of your passport, and a letter of sponsorship from a centre in Myanmar. They also told me I needed a letter of recommendation from my meditation centre from my home country (which i didn't have), but after some negotiating (and pleading), they accepted my application anyway.
I've got a 90 day single entry visa.
Hope this info helps any yogis thinking of practising in Burma! I found very little info on the web about a meditation visa, and it seems the rules are wildly different depending on which embassy you approach.

RE: MeditationVisa for Myanmar - from embassy in KL
10/19/12 4:30 AM as a reply to Jenny lomas.
thanks for sharing!
i have been considering going to meditate there one day and didn't know anything at all about the visa process