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To TJ Broccoli
10/19/12 9:22 PM
I'd like to encourage you to write some more about your experiences here on the board. For whatever reason I find that what you write aligns so damned close to my own experience and views and I'm hungry for more. Sometimes it's weird to read your stuff; it's like I'm reading my own thoughts written down by someone else.

Obvious to me is that you've progressed further than me, so I'd appreciate it if you would share some more detail about relevant experiences.

If I could pick out one thing that has stuck to my mind like glue since I read it, it would be (along with that whole thread) this:

TJ Broccoli:
(...) at that point i didn't know if that pce experience lined up with af or not, but it didn't matter anyway because perception had cleared up the way i had always wanted it to.

What I have emphasized in that quote just blows my mind. It is so succinct and clear and conveys so much meaning to me. Instead of the usual phenomenological description of 'it' ("cleared up perception", aka. PCE or whatever), which never captures it anyway, this sentence is like direct pointing for me.

Reading your stuff and aligning it with my own experience thrills me. I could of course be misunderstanding what you write, but if I'm understanding correctly, then I just can't freaking wait to live 24/7 in that 'mode' that has crept into my experience a few select times.