Effects of meditation on work performance

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Effects of meditation on work performance

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At one point in this Buddhist Geeks podcast, Jeffrey Martin talks about the effect that high levels of meditation attainment can have on one's work life. He says:

And when you asked them, “when this transition occurred to you, did it make you more effective, less effective, what did you notice as a result of this?” And I haven’t had one person yet that hasn’t said oh it made me far more effective than I was before. These were already people who were major CEO or major person in government or even a major sort of nonprofit type person.

So these were people who are really sort of at the top of the world from a socio-economic insider, power broker, sort of thing. And so the world I think would have looked at them and said, “this is an extremely productive individual.” And yet they really related their productivity before and after this even in almost a night and day sort of way universally. There isn’t one of them that says this any differently, that sort of this type of high functioning person. Now they were a type A person before it happened to them and they are no longer a type A person. That’s for sure. So it does sort of fundamentally change sort of that type of thing.

Martin goes on to note that the difference is not something perceived only by the individual concerned. Their colleagues notice too:


And they’ll talk about the fact that even people who have known them for years and have watched them in these environments just building out major organizations or whatever, and are used to them being brilliant, high achieving people will say, “Jeez in recent years I have to say the stuff that comes out of your mouth is unpredictable but it’s even more brilliant than it was before.”

Now the whole podcast is in the context of Martin being a "Harvard trained social scientist". And the impression is given is that we're hearing the results of reasonably rigorous academic research.

My question then: does anyone know of any published results by Martin on this specific topic. The above quotes, and others like them, were in connection with the output of a substantial interview protocol. Are there any hard data to see yet, does anyone know?