Recent MCTB fourth pather

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Recent MCTB fourth pather

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I attained to MCTB third or fourth path recently. It was not that typical Theraveda progression, but a more 'Zen style' progression. Of 'riding the wave' rather than 'seeing thing clearly'. I also believe that according to the fetter model I am 2nd path. Possibly 3rd path.

I feel I have an intuition for where to go from here, but some guidance would be appreciated. I would like to attain to 4th path according to the fetter model. It still feels like there is more to do. More to connect with. More energy to free up. I would also like to learn to teach liberation.

I don't know what phenomenon would be the most useful for diagnosis. So here is a list that I have observed. I have fairly high level 'chi' control. I am able to manifest many personality styles in conversation, depending on what's useful, etc. It may be akin to using the 'chi' equivalent of the voice. The Kundalini seems to have completed it's cycle, moving up the spine, over the head and then to the heart center. My ability to emit metta seems high. I am fairly proficient at using metta to help the body deal with problems. Such as tension. Kenneth Folk's 3rd gear is fairly accessible, and almost too powerful for me. It causes a body purification that results in me expelling many toxins in a short amount of time, through sweat, urine, coughing, and I'd probably start dry heaving if I did it too long. I don't need much sleep. I typically also require little food. I usually only eat food for the nutrition, not really the calories. For example, bread seems almost pointless to my body. Refined sugars, taste fine (not great) but feels like I have ingested poison afterwards, even a small amount. Vegetables and fruits, and sometimes meats though... those can be fantastic. Sometimes I eat almost nothing for a day or two, since it seems there is no need. Other times I will scarf down a full meal. My body also seems to require very few breaths. My body showed me that I can hold my breath without effort for approximately 30 seconds or so, even while peacefully moving around. When I make this my 'standard breathing' aka, having a long cessation on each breath, my mental quality seems to begin to match Kenneth Folk's. My driving force is often metta/loving kindness. If I have an emotion tied to greed, aversion, or delusion, it tends to almost instantly be dissolved by equanimity and metta. In fact, I don't know that these emotions arise anymore. My most noticeable emotions tend to be when I empathize, when making people joyful, teaching the path in a subtle way or the peace that comes after being in emptiness for a time. My self seems to have dissolved in my no-self, which is presumably why I no longer seem to experience the dark night, and instead live seemingly always in equanimity. It seems that at some level, my conscious, subconscious, and deep conscious have merged.

As I said, I have done a Zen style development, so my insight is 'dragged' by my 'riding the wind' rather than many of your progressions. Which would be in the reverse I suppose. I do not seem to have many of the proficiencies which are mentioned on here. At this moment, I view my path as a combination of 'riding the wind to become one' and purification. At this point in the path, in some sense, it seems quite ordinary as opposed to 'special'. Sort of like I'm coming home, becoming whole again. Myself again.