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Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill
1/9/13 11:31 AM
Name of Center: Pendle Hill

Address: 338 Plush Mill Road, Wallingford, PA USA 19086lush Mill Road
Wallingford, Pennsylvania 19086-6023
Phone Number: 610-566-4507


Contact Email:

Tradition(s): Quaker, but open to all.

Technique(s): Varies

Teacher(s): Varies

Cost: Varies

Accommodations: Dormitory style. I was in a single room

Facilities: Campus style that can accommodate several groups simultaneously. They host meetings as well as retreats. The meditation hall, dining room and some sleeping accommodations were all in one building, with some sleeping accommodations in other nearby buildings. There were 2 other groups there while we were, but I only saw them from a distance when they were out on the jogging trails.

Physical Setting: Woodsy suburban in the suburban Philadelphia locale that inspired All My Children and One Life to Live!

Food (Vegetarian/Vegan/etc.): Vegetarian with vegan options with most, if not all, meals. The cuisine is truly outstanding.

Retreat Length(s): Varies

Typical Schedule: Varies

Issues of Taboos around attainment, real practice, disclosing insights, etc.: None of this ever came up, but it would vary from group to group.

Issues of Rites/Rituals: None

Issues of Proper Dress: None

Issues of Etiquette: None

Issues of Language: None

Health Issues: None

Logistical Issues: They will come pick you up from the local commuter train station. Close to the Philadelphia Airport (PHL).

Strengths: Cuisine, overall setting.

Weaknesses: None

Other Comments: You can book time there for solo retreats. The building we were in had a large stone fireplace which was a plus during a coldish autumn weekend.

Overall Impression: Great

Worthy of recommendation on the Dharma Overground? Yes

Name of Person Reviewing the Center: Eric Bause