Suggestion: A similar website...

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Suggestion: A similar website...

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To those who may be involved in the growth of this community, I'd like to suggest you take a look at a very similar website that you may not have seen. (Don't worry this isn't spam... I'm being serious here, so hear me out...)

It's called, and it's basically the equivalent to this site if you called this site "fastenlightenment", which would be pretty accurate (I'm not suggesting that as a name thought, DhO is way better.)

What I'm suggesting is just to check out some of the features of the board and the community. They share a LOT of common values - they are hardcore, they are commited to freedom from "taboo", they are focused primarily on PRACTICAL ADVICE. VEry similar values.

About five years ago, I was a regular poster there, and it helped me become incredibly good with women, very fast. I actually became a dating coach myself and became one of the teachers of the community, that's how much it helped. I don't use it anymore, as I've lost interest in women, and now I'm all into this meditation thing!

The one part that I always used most and would specifically direct your attention too is the "Field reports secton".. here:

It's basically a combination fo "claims to attainment" and "dharma diagnotsitc" but with the added benefit that you can also just post a report for the sake of accountatbiliyt and being connected with the community. Sometimes, it helps just to type it up and share it with others, even if ther's nothign to claim or nothign to diagnose. In fac, the way they distinguish the "claims to attainment" (you're gonna laugh at this!) is they put "FR" for a normal Field Report, "LR" means it's a LayReport - so you have to have gotten laid. LR+ means there were multipele women involved or something really cool happened.

I've been posting my Cushion Reports here (CRemoticon, and having fun with it.

Anyway, I thought you might find this interesting, or at least pretty damn amusing! It's a funny community, with some weird shadow elements, and some great awakeningg opportunitys.

Be happy,

Daniel J.