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Magick and The Powers

Are there any good web communities on magick?

I used to be a member of - that was great. There were practitioners of every flavour of magick posting ideas, testing things. There was a vibrant culture of creativity, practicality and experimentation. It was a bit like The Dharma Overground - very action-focused. Then one day we visited it and it had been shut down. Are there any web communities like that still functioning?

RE: Are there any good web communities on magick?
2/4/13 7:43 PM as a reply to Conor O'Higgins.
Yeah, there's only a few good forums for magick that I know of. is a good one- a few members of this site are contributors there, and is definitely an "action-oriented" little community. is also very high quality, with some well-known and practiced occultists lending their thoughts here and there- you've gotta apply to participate, which is well worth it.
Both sites are full of excellent conversations and information from many different perspectives and traditions!
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