need some help!

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need some help!

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Hello again emoticon

Did I experience nirvana if I know from intuition not from thought that every concept is just a concept?

I really like to listen to Thich Nhat Hahn and he says after nirvana you have no views.
I understand aswell Eckhart Tolle completely.

I had this experience, where I came out with a dont know.

First there was an event during sitting not to describe, pleasant first then this tremendous release.
I started walking around and directly perceiving the three characteristics everywhere. But I was in complete freedom.

It all happened by itself.

After some period daily life was going normal again but I see much more oneness in everybody, talking is for me a form of useless stress and I dont know whats happening next, but in a way everything seems to turn out well emoticon

Its like a new learning process, emotions change, come and go, complicated tasks with a lot of content I try to avoid.

Lately I had experiences of white lights in front of me.

just watched them passing.

People tell me their whole stories and from my perception its just a story?

I have always this nose sniffing very short and people do it aswell in my presence, whats that?

I really dont know whats happening in my life emoticon

Am I shizophrenic?

Any clues?
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RE: need some help!

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I understand Jiddu Krishnamurti aswell by the way!
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RE: need some help!

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Sounds like a case of crossing the Arising and Passing Away. The white lights are common here.

Please also read MCTB 4. The Arising and Passing Away.

Most likely not nirvana. Keep practicing.