Out of body Experience. (Looking at self)

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Out of body Experience. (Looking at self)

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I'm just looking for some possible guidance about what I experienced a couple days ago.
Or an explanation.
I have had out of body experiences before (Upon waking from dreams mainly), but nothing so vivid and real-seeming as this one.

I went to my hidden place out in the hills where it is calm and quiet to practice samadhi meditation.
I closed my eyes... and turned focus to my breath. After a while (I don't know quite how long... My sense of time was probably a little distorted), I started to feel... almost like a hollowing of my body. Like my body was becoming absent. I felt like it was possibly the separation of my mind from my body. This went on until eventually I felt like I was almost completely blended with my surrounding... Like I had dissipated into the wind around me. Like I was nothing but a consciousness floating absent from a body.
Then I began to have... I wouldn't call it a hallucination, because it was not... But it was a feeling that was so pronounced that it translated almost to a vision.
A vision of me... Looking at myself... From outside my body.
Almost as if another person were standing beside me and our consciousnesses had been exchanged so that I was looking at myself just as others would look at me. I was like two separate entities looking at each other through one mirror.
And what I saw was so alien... To see myself was so alien...
And almost horrifying...
I began seeing all the things in me that I dislike.
"The Shadow" in terms of psychologist Carl Jung.
And it was like I slowly began attempting to confront these things... each individually. Locating them and attempting to put them to rest.
It was an exhausting experience... and painful because there were these parts of me that seemed to me resisting. Although I was a little distressed at this confrontation of myself, I continued... To see where it would bring me. The experience seemed to have lasted for hours. (Which I know was a distortion of time because of how long I had been gone when I went home).
After a while of this... I seemed to feel the sensation of my body coming back... slowly... until eventually I could feel my body as a whole... Not separated out into categories like you usually feel it.. My body felt full of energies... Especially near my chest. adn during this part of the experience, I felt like I could recognize all the little parts of me that are usually hidden from me.
Like my will.
I didn't quite see my will as a whole, but as a bunch of little personal ambitions rising up in me... And I felt like I was somehow putting them all together... Like a puzzle... Of my personal will.
When I came out of the experience, about an hour and a half had past. (Counting my drive out to the hills which was possibly about 15 to 20 minutes.)

Any consolation on what I experienced?
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RE: Out of body Experience. (Looking at self)

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Traveling out of body, visions of self, seeing through closed eyelids, energy in chest, things that really shake us up or really impress us, the vast majority are some version of one major category of events: the Arising and Passing Away, aka the A&P, aka the 2nd vipassana jhana, aka the 4th ├▒ana, etc.

Lots of material on that around this place.

Some people are just more prone for whatever reason to a more "powersy" presentation of various stages, and it sounds like you are one of them. Fun stuff, anyway.

Watch for what comes next, as the Dark Night follows the A&P like thunder follows lightening.


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RE: Out of body Experience. (Looking at self)

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Yes, very helpful.
Thank you.

I'll look around for more info on these subjects.
I am not new to meditation, however, I am new to many Buddhist ideals.
So as to say... I am not quite sure what is what yet in the world of Buddhism.

What is this Dark Night?
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RE: Out of body Experience. (Looking at self)

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Try looking at the wiki for simple answers, and there you will also find Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha, which talks about this in great detail, see the chapter called The Progress of Insight in Part III. You could also check out the forum thread An Idiots Guide to Dharma Diagnosis, as well as many other resources about the Dark Night, aka the Dukkha Nanas, such as Mahasi Sayadaw's Practical Insight Meditation, or the second part of the chapter called Expanding and Dissolving the Self in Jack Kornfield's A Path with Heart.