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iAwake technologies
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6/4/13 8:46 PM

Hi, I recently purchased the ReWire app for my iphone and I've been impressed with its effectiveness, mostly in supporting concentration. But I also noticed that a Calm soundtrack prepared me well for sleep and a Joy soundtrack led to unexpected joy.

So I did a little search on the soundtrack's creator (iAwake) which led me to the profound meditation program (PMP). The program is marketed as a product that delivers the results of experienced practitioner in a fraction of the time using auditory technologies like binaural beats. It is endorsed by Ken Wilber, lending it some credence. Before I had made much more investigation I had purchased the PMP starter kit.

The first week's experience with the PMP is that it is good. On the first day I feel asleep listening to one of the tracks and may have exceeded the max. 2hr rule. And though my head and ears buzzed a bit when I woke up, I felt noticeably invigorated when I went to the gym. I practice vipassana Goenka-style body scanning and I definitely feel more tingles on my skin.

But everything I read about iAwake and PMP program seems to be marketing-based and controlled by iAwake. I have not seen an independent review.

Does anybody have an opinion or any experience with iAwake?