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Magick and The Powers

Need help with powers

Need help with powers
6/22/13 9:15 PM
I've been doing more seated meditation lately and I have noticed my psychic (intuitive) powers increasing more and more. I don't know much about these powers and its really kind of freaking me out a little. This happened too during my first meditation retreat. I had some premonitions about my current and/or past/future life that were just plain weird.

I find that as I am meditating more now I'm opening this up again, and feel some stress about it. The last time it happened I got them to go away by really focusing on mentally shutting it all out (saying to myself this is not real, psychic powers don't exist, its just some type of temporary psychotic episode, etc.) which actually did make them subside.

I feel like I'm making real progress in my meditation in terms of insights about my own nature, my compassion towards others, and my ability to handle stress, but I don't know how to handle these intuitions that are coming along with it. Are there rules or considerations I should make about how to cultivate these powers responsibly without harming myself or others. I'd like to continue my insight practice as I think it is helping me really blossom as a human being, but don't want these powers that I cannot confirm or deny are real, to overwhelm me.

I'm also going on an Ayahuasca retreat in a few days and have had some premonitions about this trip unrelated to the retreat that I think might be foolish to ignore. I also have to consider that the retreat may "blow the doors open" in terms of opening up myself to more powers too quickly. Is there any way to control these powers or make sure that they are only cultivated for the benefit of myself and others?

I've already fully committed to this retreat and don't wish to postpone/cancel it. Any advice would be helpful.

RE: Need help with powers
6/22/13 10:00 PM as a reply to Mark Spencer.
I really like what thom had to say on your other post:

As such, the best advice is to always stay as grounded as possible in the direct sensate apprehension of what is happening, always - whether this is simply the sensations of breath as per anapana practice, or moving through more exotic transpersonal experiences, traumatic experience or blissful experience. If you can stay grounded in the direct sensate reality of whatever arises, the greatest insight and healing will arise. It could be said that the point of realisation (awakening / enlightenment) is for the totality of experience, no matter the content, to shine just as it is in it's original self-luminous spontaneity - the environment where compassionate activity cannot help but happen and suffering has no hold. Shamanic work is a hardcore and colourful way to learn to do this, but the work is at base the same.

So rather than shut out the experiences just let them manifest without giving them any weight. i.e. don't try and control them and don't judge them.

Personally when things are happening a little "too fast" and my normal way of viewing the world is getting smashed up a bit, there is the temptation to hold back but I think it is worth it even if it is a bit frightening.

RE: Need help with powers
6/24/13 8:51 AM as a reply to Mark Spencer.
There is a lot in there.

Thoughts in no obvious order:

The trick is in how we relate to things that seem to be powers and what we do with them.

Acting on them in ways that violate ordinary morality codes you would have in place for any other information or ability can meet with the same problems as ordinary information and abilities, so it is just more things to apply the same basic considerations to. As we get older and develop as people we gain all sorts of additional knowledge and abilities, some of which may seem extraordinary, but the same ground rules apply.

As you have noticed, resolutions to make them go away can help if they bug us but some may show up anyway. Similarly, resolutions to have them show up can make them more likely, but not always. Resolutions to modify aspects of them you find disconcerting can also help: consider which parts of them you don't like and see if you can modify them in this way: might help.

As to psychosis: it is a complex issue in this territory. As Siggie said, that which interferes with love and work may qualify as mental illness, and that which doesn't may just be weird meditation side effects or however you want to think of them. If people around you start to tell you you are acting strangely or need help, that probably needs consideration.

The more we get into the powers, the further we diverge in our paradigms, experiences and behaviors from the safe end of what might loosely be called "conventional reality". It is not that this divergence is always inherently bad, or that "conventional reality" is always good (as it obviously isn't), but realize that there are points to this "conventional reality" and that the further you diverge from it, the weirder things can get, and the more you are likely to run into strange reactions to the things you say and do.

It is only in very special and unusual social and situational contexts that much of the territory that we can get into when we spend some time going way out there might be acceptable, and even that gets dicey past a certain point. Strong consideration for the threat you can create to other's paradigms is of value.

Ayahuasca is some crazy stuff. I have no idea what effects it might have on these things. Personally, I found it like drinking massively vertigo-inducing technicolor brain poison mixed with the grinding space-blender from hell with long periods of vomiting and diarrhea tacked on later for good measure. Others have had different experiences. Best of luck to you in that.

RE: Need help with powers
6/25/13 9:29 PM as a reply to Mark Spencer.
Mark Spencer:
Are there rules or considerations I should make about how to cultivate these powers responsibly without harming myself or others. I'd like to continue my insight practice as I think it is helping me really blossom as a human being, but don't want these powers that I cannot confirm or deny are real, to overwhelm me.

Hi there Mark Spencer,
There are a few things to consider before you want to "cultivate" powers. Firstly from my experience the powers that one receives from meditation or through any other practices is only a "sign" that there is progress being made. In your case I would recommend writing down why you wish to have powers and list all the cons and pros. In truth the way the powers work is by setting "limits" on yourself to make sure you do not harm yourself or others. For example, you were able to make the "powers" go way by affirming that it was not real and did your best to deny them. Well, with similar affirmations you can actually "tweak" how these powers work. Such as, "I will only use my gifts for the benefits of others". You will soon see that if you follow through with the practice it will increase in power over time. Make sure to not let your ego "fly" off as this will stop the energy from flowing and bring changes within that you do not want to have happen.

That's my advice but my real advice is that you see these powers, acknowledge them, and then move on with your path. I just hope that path isn't cultivating more powers haha

Blessings and Good luck,