Kundalini, kriyas & makyos

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Kundalini, kriyas & makyos

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I read lots of experiences of people in meditative retreats experiencing uncontrolled body movements, hallucinations, energetic sensations, strange pressures in the head or around 'chakras,' rapid body temperature changes, voices and other auditory hallucinations, body dysmorphia, strange smells, and so on. In Buddhism they seem to define it as makyos, or Mara tempting one to turn their attention to him/it. In India, they call this same thing the Kundalini and worship it like a God/goddess, inviting it in and 'following' it, allowing it in, seeking it, etc.

What I find interesting is that gurus who 'worship' or condone Shakti have the ability to awaken this energy in others, which is another subject altogether, but may simply be due to an excess of this energy streaming out of them through the electromagnetic fields and into people of 'lower' vibrations. Qigong masters also can transmit this energy and enliven others chi.

What interests me is the apparent ability of this phenomenon to actually appear to be something 'other' - to form a personality using a person's own energy/thought constructs. This is probably what happens to those who are schizophrenic and talk to voices, people who channel spirit guides, ghosts, incubus/succubus, aliens, and so on. It almost seems like an animating force that plays the game of appearing within a person and pulling rabbits out of the hat of a person's subconscious - therefore showing them their own face. It almost appears as if this chi/shakti/prana stuff is alive! and intelligent and separate from our own 'selves.'

It seems like it really could be a force that could be used to educate 'oneself' (or lack thereof emoticon) if one realizes that all of the manifestations come from subconscious constructs. By animating the constructs, it enlivens them and can send one on a merry goose chase, or bring up traumatic memories, and so forth.

It is interesting that of the two paths - Buddhism tends to view it as mere phenomena, whereas Yogic practices view it as a real being which teaches us about ourself in a way. I can see value in both: just watching the phenomena and letting it pass, as well as following it with the wisdom eye fully open to see what interesting things about self nature it could lead one to. I think that if one follows it too far though, it is the equivalence of watching a spiritual movie (delusional at that) unfold in the mind, unless one is prepared and ready to accept that they are simply being entertained.

I am still not convinced that it is not an 'other' - some of the things it can do are basically amazing and seem out of reach of a normal intelligence - especially some of the grand energetic fireworks, hallucinations, etc. unless it is simply another part of the mind that is separate and controlling the scene. If that is true it is like the subconscious is a separate intelligence. What really blows my mind is when it does something totally unexpected - having no relation to what I was thinking about - nothing related to associative memory processes, etc.

I have experienced this from Kundalini, without seeking it:

-full body orgasm without moving, self-touching or sexual imagery
-creation of amrita nectar in large amounts
-microcosmic orbit, and other bioenergetic effects that I had nothing to do with (consciously)
-all kinds of spontaneous qigong, gongfu, dance, movements, etc.
-having music of the spheres inserted into my head - music that I had never heard before, that doesn't exist on earth as far as I know.
-divine smells and tastes..resembling the best incense, etc. I have ever smelled.

this is all pretty normal Shakti stuff - it is easy to see how it is done - simply electrically stimulate certain parts of the brain and one can experience emotions, feelings, bliss, sounds, smells, etc. This has been noted in schizophrenia for hundreds of years. I am thinking that there is something else out there stimulating us is what I am getting at. Perhaps we are all being led down the path of mind evolution? By an energetic being so intelligent that shapes our selves without us knowing it.

This is a science I am very interested in.

I am wondering why Buddhism rarely addresses this issue? Maybe in Vajrayana they talk about it more, but generally it almost seems like its never talked about. They try to label it as such and such and keep people from thinking about it too much. Just let it do its thing and you do yours?

Personally I like to interact with it, instead of pretending its some part of my subconscious energy manifestations. I think it's real and in us all, looking out through our minds at us, shaping us, making us smarter, more intelligent.

It makes us who we are, which is no one at all.

Gaia? Earth-mind? Mother-matrix? Overmind? Supersoul?

I am still not sure if it's real, or whether it is all (not)self...one giant Self? billions of little energetic beings linked together creating a supercomputer? Are we all part bot-nets?

My confusion is yours to dissect.
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RE: Kundalini, kriyas & makyos

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this has taken up much of my mind for so long, it truly confuses me. If you dont mind, as I am searching, grasping for answers... how did you begin this awakening? A kundalini awakening is of such interest to me as of now.. Thank you friend !
with best wishes

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RE: Kundalini, kriyas & makyos

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Morpheus: Real ? What is real ?
Morpheus: If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.

Perhaps the real question you should be asking yourself is.

not "is it real ?"
not "is it powerful ?"
not "is it sometimes helpful ?"
but rather "is it trustworthy ? Does it have the long term awakening and strengthening of my consciousness as it's main goal ? or does it just want to possess me and cause me to become dependent on it ?

Just because a particular 'matrix of mind' happens to live inside the earth sphere does not automatically mean he/she is trustworthy. After all for all you know there could be a demon living inside the earth who tries to manipulate as many people as possible for selfish reasons. Perhaps your own innate power far outweighs this 'flirtatious' earth energy but this energy doesn't want you to realize this, so she lures you into becoming dependent on her, so that you confuse your own power with hers, so that you never step into your own power. She wants you to think of her power as your own so that you'll forget about the idea that you ever even had any power-potential to begin with. This is why Mara is a temptress.

^ What this Serpent energy is offering you is merely a slightly larger reality box with more bells and whistles so that you will never think to explore what lies beyond it

All of the great hierophants are pictured in ancient artwork as having the serpent under their control. One must master the serpent energy in order to have access to what lies beyond it. Do not let the serpent master you unless you want to be possessed by her and allow her to guide you evolution. This Serpent energy is related to the human sexual energy and mastering that energy is the key to mastering the Serpent. I already explained how to do this in another thread.

You make too many assumptions about what Qi gong masters are doing. You think that because you feel a certain energy that this means it is the source of everyone else's power, but that would be a false assumption.

Perhaps we are all being led down the path of mind evolution? By an energetic being so intelligent that shapes our selves without us knowing it.

Perhaps most people are being deceived by a hyperdimensional super-intelligent thought-form which will shape your self, POSSESS your self; without you even knowing it IF you allow it. See my thread on demon possession. The trick is to realize it is happening and take control of your own body/mind/spirit using awareness like the Buddha suggested.

You are correct that this Gaian mind-force does have a plan for your evolution. Her plan for you is Development not Unfoldment.

A major difference between Unfoldment and Development is similar to the difference between the seed that naturally unfolds into a mighty tree, and the automobile engine which is artificially developed in a factory into better and more efficient versions. Development is therefor linear, starting from version 1 and proceeding along to subsequent versions. In contrast Unfoldment is growth-phase-dimensional in that whatever the "seed" is to grow into intrinsically pre-exists within it.

One is much much more powerful and better for you than the other. You get to choose; choose life
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RE: Kundalini, kriyas & makyos

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Sorry guys - I've been gone for a while - distracted by this Shakti into a number of interesting games that have resulted in numerous karmas.  That last post is a wowser, Hermetically Sealed....it will take some thought, but you have already launched me in a new direction. Thank you! I am tired now, but I will return.
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RE: Kundalini, kriyas & makyos

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My two cents: insofar as you can manage, it's best to keep this stuff on the empirical level. I know that's not precisely easy in the midst of mystical experience, but adopting a deliberately matter-of-fact view can go a long way toward keeping things in balance -- or avoiding interesting games and karmas, as you've put it ;)

Check out this video regarding our innate tendency toward purpose-based explanations of phenomena. Try running it across your brain in reference to how all this might relate to the elaborate explanations and mythologies that tend to spring up around mystical experience.
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RE: Kundalini, kriyas & makyos

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I agree completely. I am one of those who tends to look for signs and symbols, synchroncities and guidance through all of the above. I am seeing more and more that this is actual a mental illness - paranoid delusions, or delusions of other nature.

I think part of the problem was that I was heavily influenced by the Shakti cults of Kriya Yoga, Siddha Yoga, etc.

It is clear from the whole picture that these groups are often fanatical and thus slaves to belief systems that are encouraged by the Shakti. She is certainly Mara/Maya and delights in catalyzing karmic drama.

So in order to master this snake, which uses my own desires against me, I must 'choose wisely.' It is my own energy that she uses to create these delusional fantasies, so I am not so impressed as I was in my youth. I have seen at least twenty years worth of parlor tricks and its grown old by now, not that I am jaded.

It is as if the snake is trapped at the level of the 1st three chakras (if one is to use a system for explanation...obviously it is more complex than that).

I still wonder if it is not simply my own personality in extremis. That perhaps it is as they say - about raising the snake upwards to the more refined centers of humanity.

It probably doesn't matter what the explanation is, as long as I undertake correct practices.

I am going to state my current practices in detail at some point, and ask for constructive criticism.

Thanks all for your help.