Chaotic-Good Zen-Discordant Neural-Programmer

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Chaotic-Good Zen-Discordant Neural-Programmer

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In a speech Daniel gave on Buddhist Geeks, he asked people to describe the way they see life and meditation in D&D type terms. Moral Compass. Religion/Philosophy. Current "Job Class". and skills. Let me know if you have any questions, or if you'd like this in some other format.

Chaotic-Good: Most of the universe, knowledge, life, etc. is completely unknown to me. But I am amazed by its variety. I try to be helpful to people, but I often do this by addressing problems they don't want fixed. So I try, but I see that I often fail.

Zen-Discordant: I believe anything is possible. Even things that are not possible. We just need to look at an impossible problem from all perspectives and figure out what the real problem is that we want to solve. Then we can answer all questions about the problem and know how to do it once we have the needed tools. All philosophies have wrongness about them and all philosophies have rightness in them. I meditate at a zendo and occasionally at home, and my goal there is to do 2 things: To clear my thoughts so that I only think the right thoughts at the right time. And to take the time to enjoy everything enjoyable that comes to me. It is my time for thinking happy thoughts and clearing bad thoughts.

Neural-Programmer: My goal is to help people figure out how to solve the problems they want to solve the way they want to solve them. I want to give people good, useful ideas. My chosen career path is Physicist.

My major skill with thought is learning how to break out of logical paradoxes and suspecting that how to talk to people that have lost touch with how to speak with others (but are otherwise peaceful). Unfortunately, I am also very good at telling people what I find wrong with what they've said.

I have not been sure that I have seen any jhanas beyond access concentration and 1st jhana. I suspect the jhanas are defined by how well we want to match the standard description, not by anything physical about the similarities between our minds.