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doable energy practice
7/28/13 7:40 AM
1.balance left and right channel (ida and pingala)
2.become aware of middle channel (sushumna)
3.bring kundalini shakti to head center(crown 7th chakra)

If its in the head center then it is equal to anagami (i assume).

Its a method of using force. Forcing shakti into nervous system.
According to Ipsalu Tantric Kriya Yoga a technique called the Cobra Breath pulls magnetic energy into the spine, ionizing the spinal fluid and allowing the kundalini to rise, bathing the brain in magnetized fluid and transforming consciousness.

In taoism alchemy its called inner breathing
In Kriya Yoga its pranayama with internal breathing
Its also called applying sushumna, i think.
Also making myself more clear. etc..

Practice one purpose will be:
The advanced yogi transmutes his cells into energy. Elijah, Jesus, Kabir, and other prophets were past masters in the use of Kriya or a similar technique, by which they caused their bodies to materialize and dematerialize at will.

The body of the average man is like a fifty-watt lamp, which cannot accommodate the billion watts of power roused by an excessive practice of Kriya. Through gradual and regular increase of the simple and foolproof methods of Kriya, man's body becomes astrally transformed day by day, and is finally fitted to express the infinite potentials of cosmic energy, which constitutes the first materially active expression of Spirit.

Will see where it is going..

RE: doable energy practice
8/15/13 7:03 AM as a reply to Banned For waht?.
individual consciousness gets into sync/matches with collective consciousness - its called enlightenment, even if it lasts only a second or less.

it is possible to pinpoint(see, feel) where's the mind raises or coming from. Its the spiritual center inside the skull. Its not obvious at first that the now moment is the direct experience/fruition/pce/non-dual etc..

If you purify yourself more then you will notice(subtle tho) the door when you enter into present moment. Its the awareness and you can make awareness more clear and obvious by will and it will speed up your purify progress.
When the awreness is pinpointed so clearly it is near or very close to the spiritual center. It will occur that you are the spiritual center and also the world what you see is also coming from there(from you).

i am the observer. It seems i have tuned myself into one frequency(unique code) and lost my real identity who i am. Lost in appearances and in delusions that this world is "real". Here is no real me its only appearance of myself. Because of karma the appearances are shaped automatically. Its time to purify myself from karma.

RE: doable energy practice
8/22/13 2:26 PM as a reply to Banned For waht?.
I asked my friend can he be in the present moment, he said yes but he does not get it obviously what it is about yet. So i assume that when we are so much in ignorance then the present moment does not seem special or intense enough to shine forth or be a life changer.
Thats why one single line of sentence does not make common people enlightened. We need to purify our mind first sufficiently and continue to do so after realization.
I know how hard is it to actually start practicing.

If i see dreams then dream becomes reality when i become lucid in dream. In dreams the nibbana is more intense compared to real life one.
Hindu scriptures say that the nibbana or whatever it is called is in this world like a camel piss compared to higher heaven one.

Now i think i have a clue why we are coming back into lower world.

In dreams the nibbana is very hard to maintain. At first we got only a glimpse like omg i can see my hands. Later this moment will be longer and later we are becoming to realize that we can hold that reality by will little longer.
Some people can do it hours(awesome).

But in real life the moment is not so hard to extend but its intensity is weak compared to what is experienced in dreams.

I have read that in heavens we are mostly sleeping/dreaming state till we die. Also it seems that this our reality world is too much for many to wake up to reality.

RE: doable energy practice
12/23/13 5:54 AM as a reply to Banned For waht?.
mind----copy of that mind----copys of other minds

Only one constant: mind.
copy of the mind have sprung out of the real mind.

To find real mind, we need to be able to discern it from the wrong(copy). But to do this we need at first find the wrong. When we found the nature of wrong(the energy/kundalini) then we can make a real progress towards its source(real mind).

mind is the source of light. It will appear(its copy(one idea(data, part) of it) in a human body(host) and lights it, its light reaches to every its cell(creates light body). Light takes the form of human body and freezes. What we need to do is wake its energies up, enlightenment means we know its energy and real wisdom is that we know its source and perhaps put it into practice.

when we want to start transform the cells then we need to know how to identify with the source and bring, suck, breath more energies(light) from the source into the body that the cell transformation will become complete over time.

fire, becomes to know itself and also learns to fuel itself.

RE: doable energy practice
12/25/13 6:38 AM as a reply to Banned For waht?.
i write here in this thread my thoughts and about progress.

I still practice(gather, cultivate) everyday nonstop basically, i do it also automatically(thats why i can say basically nonstop). It is possible. But also i spend some of it also, sometimes more sometimes less, sometimes automatically sometimes intentionally.

My practice is from the very beginning i consentrated on the head( i wanted to open up the third eye) this caused that it activated the spiritual center.

Then there were a pause i think a year, don't remember. Then i got interested again in spiritualism and practice. This is also written in my other thread how i did practice and what i thought then what i was doing.

This is not well explained then and also i am not very good at it explaining it right now too.

Basically what we want to do is activate the spiritual center(by concentrating on it). Then there is longer pause(there is needed acclimation period) where you eventually discover how to balance left and right channel[your left and right part of your body](take both sides into focus(capture, cling etc) at the same time you then should feel/witness the change and you will come aware of the naturality or the essence of you(the ability to be unbounded, without object, objectless).

This is the second part. you need to dwell on these energies. Also you need to figure out how to force these energies. And the most important thing, also to protect these energies from flowing away(through sense organs by grounding etc).

Imho the balancing act in the first part means you have untied the first knot and is equal to stream entry. The dwelling and forcing is "gathering" the energies, at the end the stress is pretty high and suffering too, imho it is the energy what is looking to be grounded, now if lucky(full) then these energies will push themselves up tho untie the second knot.
You will just continue what you do and in time third knot is also untied.

If that is done, third step is to force energies up that you will see "nothingness" and take it as an object(hold on to it). Repeat it so many times as its needed. Then some day you will become clear and you will let go of the bad energies and take good as your source(identification). You will let go of what is impermanet(you will reflect on what is impermanet and what is permanet) and automatically are identified with the permanent. That means you have made it.

But the cultivation does not end here. This is a start of something better.

Now you don't blink out when you pass 6th chakra(the mind). Actually you even can't because it is not real you who is blinking out.
When you are full again then when you allow then mind will get passed, that means the passage is free and the energies from the upside can now enter the body. That is what happens during the blip, or fruition.

fruition- you won't do it, it happens automatically when its time is ripe. That means you are full of energies and these energies will push the 6th(mind) open(going beyond mind). Its more like you have questions but you don't have a sinlge answer and have no idea what to do, then your mind will "ask for it". It is like the surrender act,that means you do nothing. You will step aside then energie can come in through the head.

When we deliberately go beyond mind it is premature and its a waste of time, so is dwelling in jhanas(imho).

In a one sentence we gather and hold the energies what are coming from the bottom that these energies could break the barrier of mind that transformative energies can then enter from the void/actual source.

void is the unlimited
bottom energies in 1st chakra are limited.

Step by step.

its all is phenomena, occurences. One time events, you are never the same anymore.
The abiltiy to be(dwell in) boundless, deathless is actually gathering, cultivating the bottom energies so that the breakthrough could happen.

Maybe it is possible to open up the 6th chakra deliberately and let in the source energies, but i don't know how. Imho it is not possible because:
How do you defeat something from what you are made of. That what is writing here is mind and tries to defeat himself is also mind, so it is depleting its own energy to defeat itself, so by doing it i grow tired and nothing else.
Only thing is gather the energies and hold them that they would not get into the hands of "demons"(they will flow out through conciousness, no matter of what you are concentrating upon- TV, running, eating, sex, chatting)) and when sufficent amount is gathered it will do the blast.
When it happens, energy from source will come in and now more power and clarity to the mind. That means also more to gather to gain even more power.

Basically its all mumble, but read the books its all there and clear...I wish.

but its fun. you reap what you sow.

this post is counter to the last post here, hehe

RE: doable energy practice
1/12/14 4:14 PM as a reply to Banned For waht?.
I decided to simplify my path.

Humans have the guiding energy with them and can learn to follow it all the way to its source.
That source is unmoving - recognize it.

The whole things is about events: direct(gift) and undirect(my effort) by the same energy. Be aware this energy is highly intelligent.

Merge with the unmoving and then find yourself.

RE: doable energy practice
1/26/14 6:50 AM as a reply to Banned For waht?.
Finally i destroyed my self.

I woke up i had developed a constant suffering. I have had put all eggs in one basket and i didn't succeeded, meditation didn't worked out. It caused so much suffering, i couldn't rely on anything anymore, last thing i counted on didn't worked out. Tought that death now is not bad at all, well before when i was making progress i didn't wanted to die i was afraid to lose something.
Anyway there was this suffering constant pain, i thought then death is not the option nor camouflage it with thoughts and ideas. So i decided to face it and then i took my face out of this suffering, i stopped clinging to it and then pain got enjoyable and then disappeared.

The no self means the ego(clinging self what wants to succeed and make progress and all other things).

Before today it just couple days i managed to clear block from forebrain and energies moved now to top of the brain, i experienced something, better to say undescribeable.
In this december i realized spiritual body.

1. simple material body awareness
2. energy body(chi) awareness
3. spirit body awareness
4. realizing ego, no self. Taking the ego self out of the awareness.

less confusing is that there is just awareness 1,2,3,4 - every level more wisdom. Meditation ends here. At least self oriented meditation or goal oriented.

How to create energy body:
You body is left side(-) and right side(+). What you need to do is wire them together.
You need to learn to switch yourself between left and right side, learn to switch yourself between them by will, master it and then you can try taking both sides at the same time, when you succeed permanet change will happen.

If energy body is created, you then need to realize it. Its done by bringing the energy body essence to the head center and then there rises something into sight, its very subtle, you need to hold it till it dissappears(may need several attempts). After you are succesful you will need to realise the energy body, by mergeing it with the thing you had hold last step(i think it is this thing).
Now with this your energy body is realised now you need to start open and purify the channels.

How to create wisdom body:
To do that channels needs to be purified enough. That you could hold top(head) and bottom(first chakra area, genitals). This will produce an opening or effect-up and down side fuse together or sometihng like that event. If it succesful then you can enter the next stage, you will realize spirit body, its easier than energy body realization(for me).

When all channels are purified then energies can reach top of the head and you can now take energy(chi) out of the senses also from genitals.

Next step is you will take your ego out of energies.(if i may say it this way).

How it is done fast:
its all about cultivation quality. Noting then choiceless awarness, cultivating on emptiness, energy body level cultivation- the more channels are clear more energy is able to reach higher parts, spiritual(mental) body cultivation.

Book materials: for noting and choiceless awareness MCTB for example, AF.

For higher level cultivation learning tips: Anything from Mantak Chia, Charles Luk. Kundalini yoga(pranayama), Kriya yoga etc..

Actually you don't create anything but transform energies to higher more pure level!

RE: doable energy practice
1/29/14 7:05 AM as a reply to Banned For waht?.
It took 2 days, that i did notice that i get used to it(read gone). Meditation is ok again.

RE: doable energy practice
2/17/14 6:29 AM as a reply to Banned For waht?.
last post was 1/29 today is 2/17

I had two periods of suffering and two let-goes. Also intense wave of lust(i practice celibacy over 4 years now i think).

There is also some things i can't put into words clearly- when you meditate then you feel your whole body and then will at some point can integrate it into one lump. Its not repeatable it seems but it is evolving, first time i did "same" thing was not so "big"(strong..).

About the let goes- you build up energy so you could feel it and then can let go of it. Usually it is forehead. And the other time was i took two brain side into awarness and hold till energy got released. After that i was feeling like brand new, so i needed to build up energies again from zero but its okay because energies now are more "clean".

Then i was sure that suffering will come back at some point but not sure about what form. So i practiced my usual practice, well then lust build up and it was the intensest and weirdest(embarrassing) in all but i overcome it- i almost failed but made a determination that i will hold on and investigated it similar way like i did with my ego(couple posts back) defeat, i succeeded and also this gave samelike effect in a lower abdomen, i felt energies went from bottom to abdomen and whatever there were heat and pain then i knew i won it- i turned lust into higher stuff i think.

lust still rises when i stumble upon something lustful, but the thing is that the lust and craving what rises is weed and i have some power to weed it. Same thing is with the anger or other things. Also with happiness.

I am sure there are greater challenges, so i will press on. Yesterday was that lump thing, i think i will xp this more.

RE: doable energy practice
3/7/14 6:55 AM as a reply to Banned For waht?.
Breakthroughs(BT) or happenings or whatever they are. I think they are latent energy releases.

For example regular session of awareness, i look for blocks in awareness, i use every trick i have. I get stuck, i don't know what to expect, then one BT was i catched my own mind chattering, there were something in my mindfield what seems to engulf my experience here and now, i released a block there, it caused my body instantly went hot and saliva run into my mouth,.. i endured the hotness it subside and its over.

Recently have noticed that there is hot in different organs when i meditate, specially in abdomen. This is not every organ at the same time but it is one at the time.

I have strong faith in God. Technical part of the path is just one part of the things what helps to evolve. Even physical movements helps to release blocks, disciplines, etc. Whatever experience is helping to advange.
Knowledge is power but it comes from personal efforts, reading other peoples stuff etc can shake things into place too.

I doubt that everyones experiences are like mine, some people may not feel same events intense enough to call them BT. I just use my effort and will a lot, this moment is my last moment, this is the time i eat last time etc. - if i remeber to do so.
Have noticed that i am doing nonsense a lot of the day, its too hard and tiring to be alert.

More i grow, the more i see possibilty to grow. Better to say the growth have been small compared to the things i already see, can be done.

We are being watched. Anyway this is more like a rant, in one hour i would have said different things or not at all.

RE: doable energy practice
3/29/14 8:12 AM as a reply to Banned For waht?.
Rist Ei:
individual consciousness gets into sync/matches with collective consciousness - its called enlightenment, even if it lasts only a second or less.

it is possible to pinpoint(see, feel) where's the mind raises or coming from. Its the spiritual center inside the skull. Its not obvious at first that the now moment is the direct experience/fruition/pce/non-dual etc..

If you purify yourself more then you will notice(subtle tho) the door when you enter into present moment. Its the awareness and you can make awareness more clear and obvious by will and it will speed up your purify progress.
When the awreness is pinpointed so clearly it is near or very close to the spiritual center. It will occur that you are the spiritual center and also the world what you see is also coming from there(from you).

i am the observer. It seems i have tuned myself into one frequency(unique code) and lost my real identity who i am. Lost in appearances and in delusions that this world is "real". Here is no real me its only appearance of myself. Because of karma the appearances are shaped automatically. Its time to purify myself from karma.

I have asked people do they know that everything is impermanet, they know it is. Why then they don't awaken? because they don't know that they are clinging to the permanence. So they don't do nothing about it.

Permanence consists of stuff we don't know yet.

For example when we are dreaming we still think(unknowingly) it is somehow related to the waking reality. So we unknowingly bring stuff from waking life to dreaming world, what basically ruin everything. We also then bring stuff from "past life" to this life. The thing is that we don't know that, thats why we don't bother to find things out either.
Top of it the self is not actual self, its the self what is taken care of already(impermanence), so the self what is actually experiencing stuff(permanence) is our future self(impermanence) who is going to incarnate to next life. The more we evolve the more we take "life" out of the permanence the less impermanet we become becasue we lose the self(permanece) accordingly bit by bit.

without permanence there is no impermanence. Basically if i feel energies then they move, they then stop for a while then they start moving to the other way. I assume then while energies are moving is life and then when it stops it is the blackout(death) and then when it starts moving again its another life begins. The difference between this life and another is permanence, life itself is impermanence.
Nibbana then is when impermanence takes the shape of permanence. I think what karma is is permanence and its appeareance is impermanence. The less karma we have the less is the difference between this life and dreams, next life, others.
Sameness means then: there is no difference between impermanece and permanence. No-self and self does not exist without eachother. Far far future when we are pretty wise we will invent new things and the result is unknown so we are lost again till the karma of that unknown is all solved again and overall we are wiser again.

RE: doable energy practice
4/14/14 6:09 AM as a reply to Banned For waht?.
I need to rethink everything, i have been wrong and thought too much of myself.

I reached 5th chakra: throat chakra. From there comes more knowledge.
I haven't experienced nirvikalpa samadhi, nor nirvana(at least for now i am puzzled). I figured now where i have been wrong with my thinking- basically everywhere.

I hope i didn't do much damage to the group here.

things started when i activated energies, by concentrating on "third eye". Then there were longer pause, more than a year or two.
Then i started mediating seriously it took i think couple months to reach 2nd chakra.
2nd chakra is easy(now, but were no idea what i were doing then), i needed to balance my mind or awareness. Shortly after that i discovered that i can make awareness become more stronger or clearer(thread in Dho, method "making myself clearer").

From then i started working my way up to 3rd chakra: I did forced my awareness to be more clear, that itself pushed energied to move upward, that caused burst three or were it two knots or whatever they are. After that done i could take "reality"(what actually is my mind itself i guess) as object(here i did mistaken it by nirvikalpa samaphatti), then that object dissolved into the abdomen or something. I also had experience of clicking out fully(i thought it was total cessation) After that i could let go that "old self" or cell, it indeed felt like putting 20kg bags down from my back. At that time i thought now i hitted 4th path.

but again i was wrong i didn't hit 4th path, after few months things started change again, i guess i started working with the 4th chakra. There were a thing that i at some point conscentrated or held downside(genital or lower abdomen area) and also at the same time were aware of my mind, it produced effects and after that were able to let go block in my forhead and energies flew into top of the head. At that time again i thought i nailed it. But again i was wrong. I now figured that i could be in a new way, also could bring energies opposite way into the body and make my lower body more aware or something.

4th chakra have been most decieving for now. There are lots of shifts and one time experiences. Well then i made a breakthrough again, after that i was able to push energies to 5th chakra. I think first time i didn't do it with much force, my body was vibrating or boiling without heat specially in the area of lower abdomen. So i decided to use the making my awareness more clear or precise, to my suprise it felt now that i am evolved(that awarness is much more than before), at some point energies moved to 5th chakra, few gulps of saliva and also then intuitevely i let something rise from the abdomen to the head area(blackish circle or bulk) then it returned back down.
Now im working i guess with the 6th chakra.

Everything were onetime experiences. When enter to every next chakra there is a change or entrance, hard to tell exactly but there is a mayor change or give away.
i don't have self knowledge yet, because its knowledge of 6th chakra i think(have read it from literature).

I left out the ego part. Thought the ego is the main key here emoticon . Basically there are tests if you fail you will repeat the test.
Half thing is preparation(whatever you do or are), then there will come a tease or test, if you pass you will get initiation(free will to move on to next level).

Anyway the experiences are dissapearing from my brain memory.

RE: doable energy practice
5/14/14 6:43 AM as a reply to Banned For waht?.
Haha, last post still disappeared during the update. Im more than happy. I give up figuring out the chakras.

In short last thing i did i was able to "let go". What's there so special about? nothing much emoticon

*all desires can be overcome
when you open(and enter) up 2nd channel and activate the energies(this is done manually), they will intensify all desires, that means desires specially sensual lust skyrockets. When energies reach to the forehead(top of the brain), then can open(enter) 3rd channel. Then what you do is can "let go", rather collect back your mind energies and channel to "third eye". 
Now as long as i am staying aware there is no desires, as far as my power goes. When i sleep then there still is desires left in dreams but when i wake up and become aware they are disappearing fast. Power of  the mind grows, the more easyly desires go away and seeing how stupid they are- no need to do anything besides coming aware and they are gone. I can feed my lower desires if i want or i can let others manipulate with emotions or cut the energies at will.

After you open and enter 1st channel it also opens intuition what to do to open 2nd channel and so on.
The practice for opening 1st channel. Breath in, then notice (very) subtle currents going to the head and then breath out and then try to notice currents going down. I think before you need to concentrate on the third eye for a while to get things started(lightning flashes and cracks, noises,.. etc are signs).
If enough practice is done you would be enable to pinpoint the channel. For that you need? to be able to switch your awareness from one side to another(from one eye to another or from one nosehole to another nosehole) then just take both sides together'? and then you can enter the channel(it happens rather automatically when you hit the right spot).
Pranayama it is, and company it with stillness and alerted awareness.

switching currents from one side to another is not done by looking at it or focusing on it, its "by being one side" like you are a 300litre barrel and tilt water to one side then another then back. Better is you can watch things unconditionally then within that perception you can incline to one side or another, learn to do it at will.

2nd channel is very hard without intuition and knowing(common sense) how to capture and enter it is rather impossible.

After 1st channel is open also your mediation method will become unique, its unique because its possible to do only when you have 1st channel. 
Noway it can't be done without inner knowing coming from the energies what you are cultivating. Trying to listen inner voice or common sense with open mind you will figure the correct way by yourself.

Desires are there because we let them being feed and don't know how to make this stop. Imho from my practice i see how i evolve, im sure i can bare all pain at somepoint when the third eye is strong. At some stage choose the heart rate at will, or change body temperature, or build my own character how do i response. Third eye is one eye, it does not know limits.

RE: doable energy practice
5/17/14 6:40 AM as a reply to Banned For waht?.

Its very good, the moment i read your post i was reading this article.

RE: doable energy practice
5/21/14 12:25 AM as a reply to Banned For waht?.
Sexual energies also desires rised again. But i figured out now.

I know the process now better. When desires get high then jing is ready to be turned into vibrations(chi energy ?) and these will be lead to the top of the head, then there i can absorb them or something. After this there is some mental pain and then just pain in the lower abdomen but not so awful, then its over.

lower body- sexual energies high
middle body- sexual energies are turned into chi
higher body- energies will be turned into chen, and i feel smarter

this time it took not so long only couple hours to complete the process. Not yet sure why i need to do it.  Anyway i feel now again desireless, it works.

RE: doable energy practice
5/22/14 5:14 AM as a reply to Banned For waht?.
Paweł K:
Very interesting article!
Lots of things mentioned there I recognize as my own experiences so maybe I am not crazy after all

Idea of pulling/pushing chi and whole energy bodies through chakras seems tempting more or less doable and makes me feel better when I do it (I am at DN now so my energy is crap). Its only saddening that I haven't thought about it myself =(

I do not like idea of using mantras though, it just seem preposterous and not in my style. Each chakra have its unique properties of colors, sounds, textures, mind processing, tastes, etc. and all can be identified and used to stimulate and help open chakra so there is imho no need to use something external, especially babbling 'om nom nom' =)

After breaking through the conception skandha you reach the Desire Realm Mind Ground, whose surface is like wobbly jello and blackish blue in color. The Mind Ground is like a great chakra and its thick bluish jelly substance is like all the seeds (particles) of the alaya that (are connected to one another) and will turn into manifesting karma. The seeds deep within it are the seeds of karma not yet worked out that must wait for all sorts of situations and circumstances to arise so they can work their way to the surface together, like particles of Jello stuck in the middle of the clump that cannot work-wiggle their way to the Jello’s surface.

I have something like this but its more green-blue than blue. There is this dry whitish-gray surface and on it there is this formation of very dense sensations. Description 'wobbly jello' kinda fits. Its like billions of little curled sensations, very dense, seemingly not moving much but there is so much energy there that if I put something anything on it it will start to boil! This surface doesn't feel hot though, just that it make other stuff melt, boil and ultimately turn it to steam.

It seem important but I haven't yet played with this sensation heater extensively. Maybe I should do it before I read anything more specific about it to avoid scripting. It might as well be something else =)

anyway, thanks for link

I have no color seeing, it means its somewhat easier to do the connections what needs to be done to get things going. Gotta figure out how to sense unmanifested, wire moon and sun(just the way to say opposites) then something special skill opens, can consentrate on the unmanifested and then get to hold it and then disolve it into body and become one with it. Done, its arahat level, now i am sure it is. I have a second thread about it in the insight section 2nd to 3rd path.

RE: doable energy practice
6/4/14 7:20 AM as a reply to Banned For waht?.
3rd june. Just writing it down that had some kind of breakthrough.

details: energies are at the forehead i try to set them free or release, then some time later of the day energies or pressures went into the sides(left right) of brain. Then i start taking both sides together, i played around with it, trying to figure out, at the same time trying to get deeper and subtle into it, at some point also felt energies at the top of the head. Then i felt pressures went into middle back brain pressing upside. I could take sides into hold(holding left and right side energies) so at some point i could let them go and other perception came out of it and it caused my vibration level or tone change in my mind? and body.

prior to this i had a suffering period, during that i thought it gets worser and worser every time. After event i feel excellent.
Im trying to figure out where it fits or where i am, i don't know. Comparing to previous experiences it seemed to be peak experience. 

Conclusion: i think that reality is a dreamlike or a fantasy. Why? because nothing makes sense, there seems to be no definite order and the energies seems hinting also this way.

Method use: i use my mind to sense blocks and trying to release them inside same mind. I try to make it this way that i feel activity in brain, if there is none there is also nothing happening. Activity means something is burning and thats a good thing.

Future: i expect bigger challenge, it causes of course lots of suffering, but i know that reward is worth it.

I have said that i have had arhant level realisation, but now i take it back, i have no idea where i am. I am sober for now but don't know how long.

RE: doable energy practice
8/14/14 8:25 AM as a reply to Banned For waht?.
Have been stuck with the idea of permanence. The thing what i thought to be permanet is consciousness, even if its pure its still consciousness.
I read its stream of consciousness, its so "fast" that i don't see it and think its empty and it feels unchanging.

After a while dwelling in that stream i notice my own thought pattern and can eradicate it. Desire- its like a drug what is engulfing without me knowing it, but if i keep my discipline i will notice it and can wipe it out.

Read that there is 84,000 defilements. 

Even if there is something permanet in consciousness then its still considered as wrong thinking because of my impure mind, but at the same time that impure mind is also my real mind.

RE: doable energy practice
8/14/14 5:49 PM as a reply to Banned For waht?.
Hello, Rist, kind regards.

I am new on this forum and I am still reading the practice logs.   

You wrote this:  
but at the same time that impure mind is also my real mind.

I'm having a hard time seeing how this could be true unless we have different definitions of what is "impure". mind and what is "real" mind.  Do you make a differentiation between a compulsive sensational mind and an non-compulsive analytical mind?

As I said, I still need to read your logs and perhaps I would understand better.


RE: doable energy practice
8/15/14 10:29 AM as a reply to Colleen Peltomaa.
Hei Colleen,

Do you make a differentiation between a compulsive sensational mind and an non-compulsive analytical mind?
I think yes,
compulsionthe action or state of forcing or being forced to do something

If mental mind can tame the heart what is tormented by urges then can spot the signal or a hook and can unattach from it.

real mind- what constitutes reality. But my own view(mental mind) on what reality is is defiled or impure also my heart is impure thus how i experience it is wrong because its influenced by other minds(urges).
My impure mind is real mind since i don't have any other variant to know reality. 


RE: doable energy practice
9/9/14 3:26 PM as a reply to Banned For waht?.
Haven't meditated long hours for 10 days already, life is too busy currently. Im thinking about quiting life issues like working to get back meditating full time. Currently i can only have cessations and then prolong them as long possible, since business i am getting only couple during the day.

June, july, august, got i think three rememberable bt's. First time i xp'd bliss what is better than "O". Have always wondered what people tell that there is bliss million times better than "that" but fail to give a description. This xp is not compareable to "that", it does not have bad taste afterwards like you have killed someone . It felt extremely pure and its timeless, quality what you have after cessation. It was similar like letting go of the mind object what you have hold long time in subconsciousness but it was much better. After that i knew why body is told to be very precious.

there is something better than having a partner, unimaginable but its real.

second thing: dealing with energy circuits in mind and body. Got realization and unlocked deeper way to meditate, life changed one day after that and i can't meditate, it drives me nuts.

When i am near breakthrough then last step is to let go of wrong thinking or the thing what i am holding, it is producing vibrations, tingling, bubbling in lower abdomen, +suffering/nerves at the edges. After i let go then all symptoms also disappear and it feels normal and ordinary but what gained is deeper level samadhi or relaxation with its new gifts, everything gets better.

RE: doable energy practice
9/18/14 8:10 AM as a reply to Banned For waht?.
3 days later quited work, suffering started to grow too big. Suffering was created by myself as always, what i today resolved. Everything back to normal, might want to go back to work just to discover next week another breakdown? No.

All cravings are back in full force! my mind became purer i think, what made things more attractive and beautiful.

Meditation was cessation and then climbing to the maximum,previous level of understanding and doing it(dwelling there, rinse and repeat) till there was lots of suffering to the point i finally figured it out what caused it or other words what caused me not to progress or realize next level.
It was my desire to succeed in life(i name this this way) and become someone(i have solved it before but it comes back in different levels, so i never recognize it) this desire was sneaky and i didn't recoqnize that it was the issue. I was ignoring what i have and was clinging to what it should be.
As always it was simple issue but not simple to crack and the result is very good. Have now more faith not to quit halfway and to remember that after it solved its good thing. 

I think it was intermediate state, suffering level was top 3 on badness scale. 

RE: doable energy practice
10/6/14 8:30 AM as a reply to Banned For waht?.
had a cultivation result at the end of the august or something this year. Black sphere rised from the bottom. It was second of this type. Also noticed when i am cultivating "lower area"(i think its jing to chi cultivation) now i feel lower abdomen too, before only perineum area.

I think i have opened with this, second chakra. 
Path attainments and chakras correlate, reading the descriptions of the chakras and fetters model etc.

I think sensual craving correlates with jing/essence recovery level. At least its said in Taoist yoga that vitality will be restored to the level we had at child age.

Second chakra is 2nd path. 

first path: 1/3 of first path is here

everything starts to make more sense and previous claims were part of the bigger stuff what got smaller after cultivation progressing.
it seems that to open a chakra there is needed 3X3 openings within it. Within one opening there is cultivation of jing to chi to shen.

Current guess is that i have opened second chakra and working with the third.

RE: doable energy practice
10/14/14 6:30 AM as a reply to Banned For waht?.
had a breakthrough(6 days back), no idea how to describe it properly, or name it. Basically it wiped out everything i thought about myself and universe. Need to start figuring again.
More power and clarity. Better techniques and skills. Better insights. 
I think i am repeating myself here, no point to continue writing down stuff, it gets wiped out after breakthrough.

Gem is this that i need to come up with the same things by myself what is written down in Vedas or Holy Bible or Suttas and comprehend fully alchemy texts and if they are lost i could recreate them from my own findings in myself.

RE: doable energy practice
10/14/14 10:27 AM as a reply to Banned For waht?.
I look forward to having that ability to know whatever is here to be known -- only I might not care anymore, goal-less.

RE: doable energy practice
11/18/14 8:10 AM as a reply to Banned For waht?.
opposites came together, haven't log it but it was in the begginning of last week and shortly after i entered or realized it. What i believe is arhant stage. 'No thought' realization.

two opposites what are constantly wanting eachother and need eachother came together never to separate again.
these were two channels, from upside mind entered to matter and from down, matter entered to consciousness at the end approx 27 circles they become one, equal, revealed.
in other to nail circlepoints fast i used cultivation tech to make the process faster.

but this is not the end. I use same style and nail something, fruitions and stuff. Now its much easier to meditate, was well worth it. Probably more insights will rise from the merge itself while some new stuff nailed too.

RE: doable energy practice
11/19/14 6:21 AM as a reply to Banned For waht?.
Reflected what is making up my awareness now. Found out i was in a spacious space like a balloon, after i reflected on it my awareness went sharp and the 'air' went out.
It resulted pressures in the middle of the head,
then decided to focus or direct my awareness to the space in front of me,
it resulted at some point bright light shining from right and upside, this light did mix with my space and become dimmed into purplish or violetish hue, from right dark field appeared, then some stuff i don't recall but energies moved to the forehead from there back of the brain then back of the neck, i needed to feel my self into these energies to help move energies from one stage to another,

then at some point i started reflectin on the decisions i take or the thoughts based on what i act and noticed that i am basing my decisions of how it feels, after reflecting some cases when i did that and i saw the energetic print, its bright and cold and it clicked. It was fruit.

then thought that the last fruit was gross one(written at previous post) and this one was feeling based then what next i was thinking that i was wrong again then thought where i am on path and it 'clicked' again but this time was reflecting on where i could be and when satisfying point in the map was seen, energy print felt like a good resting place and thought leaped to there and is still there prolly.

summary: there is a connection between bright light and dark light in attachments.

Since at some point i felt heat in the heart center area between the chest, it lead me to think that i was on heart chakra area.
From previous meditation results heart is a energy center what connects on experimental level(practioner will see how its done). At first gross material level, then feeling level.

interesting note is that if energy moves then my awareness feels pull towards it, it makes little bit easier to figure out how to move from one point to another. At the very beginning there is not felt anything, the sense improves over time and now its fine but still weak.
if energy does not move, then currently thinking no idea what to do but when the situation is on then just listening and sensing i will know after some figuring and trying.
Awarenss and energy is connceted i guess or even one thing so if i understand and match the automatic i will get to the next point.

RE: doable energy practice
11/19/14 9:01 AM as a reply to Banned For waht?.
reading some stuff about jhanas, current understanding about them, i haven't entered them. Taking all claims of enlightenment away, im not even sotapanna.

its the preliminary path currently i am, purifing myself from gross hindrances to be able to enter jhana.
 In Buddhism, it is a series of cultivated states of mind, which lead to "state of perfect equanimity and awareness (upekkhii-sati-piirisuddhl)."[

Anguttara Nikaya 5.28 gives the following description of the four jhanas:[4][note 1]

  1. "There is the case where a monk — quite withdrawn from sensuality, withdrawn from unskillful qualities — enters and remains in the first jhana: rapture and pleasure born from withdrawal, accompanied by directed thought and evaluation. He permeates and pervades, suffuses and fills this very body with the rapture and pleasure born from withdrawal. There is nothing of his entire body unpervaded by rapture and pleasure born from withdrawal."
  2. "Furthermore, with the stilling of directed thoughts & evaluations, he enters and remains in the second jhana: rapture and pleasure born of composure, unification of awareness free from directed thought and evaluation — internal assurance. He permeates and pervades, suffuses and fills this very body with the rapture and pleasure born of composure. There is nothing of his entire body unpervaded by rapture and pleasure born of composure."
  3. "And furthermore, with the fading of rapture, he remains equanimous, mindful, & alert, and senses pleasure with the body. He enters & remains in the third jhana, of which the Noble Ones declare, 'Equanimous & mindful, he has a pleasant abiding.' He permeates and pervades, suffuses and fills this very body with the pleasure divested of rapture, so that there is nothing of his entire body unpervaded with pleasure divested of rapture."
  4. "And furthermore, with the abandoning of pleasure and stress — as with the earlier disappearance of elation and distress — he enters and remains in the fourth jhana: purity of equanimity and mindfulness, neither-pleasure-nor-pain. He sits, permeating the body with a pure, bright awareness, so that there is nothing of his entire body unpervaded by pure, bright awareness."

RE: doable energy practice
11/19/14 1:16 PM as a reply to Banned For waht?.
got grumpy, did 2,30hour meditation.

last circle was finished, started with new one(i believe from the very bottom), start is tedious, no energy moving no good awareness etc

1. energies start moving lower body(abdomen) awarenss gained, energies become solidlike there.
2. head area conciousness, space in front of me activated (eye consciousness)
3. making lower and upper merge into one, energies becomes 3D and can move them with my mind
4. taking my self out of there, energies get 'silenced' like sound is taken away but picture remains on TV, (in the seen only the seen?)

"awareness now kind of separates from the body and at the same time is also body, taking self away from there, awareness comes sharp, energies move faster than normally up i take hold of them, then letting go." This part was not clear. Stood up switched computer in, eat slice of bread and one candy and now here logging.

no insights gained, but more experience to the process. I think these are jhanas. Also think i need to climb to my former level and then insights will start rising. And never had done it with one session always had splitted to several sessions because never done it that fast, could have stayed in one stage longer but moved on as i could.

at the start there was unpure emotions, and little bit lust was there yet to purify.

RE: doable energy practice
12/16/14 10:22 AM as a reply to Banned For waht?.
got some suffering periods and and good stuff(good stuff is when getting bad stuff solved). At some point uninterupted suffering, everything irritating, arrogance, basically all bad stuff all the way to the not coming aware of suffering so it would have been easier. 
Body started to react to the stress, some 'glands' got sick, air not flowing freely through nose(first indication that something is wrong), herpes came to the lip. Bright side is this the moment i noticed my thinking tone was dark(not the thoughts i thought) it become good, pretty good wave or relase came, all malfunctions cured. What was good is that herpes usually is couple weeks but not this time.

Nowown i kind of learning to listen more and be more gentle/careful. Actually starting to learn the skill more, before it was skill too but more like crushing through the block.

learning some stuff about glands, lymps, bonemarrow etc.

for an example T-cells,
 The function of T cells and B cells is to recognize specific “non-self” antigens, during a process known as antigen presentation. Once they have identified an invader, the cells generate specific responses that are tailored to maximally eliminate specific pathogens or pathogen-infected cells. B cells respond to pathogens by producing large quantities of antibodies which then neutralize foreign objects like bacteria and viruses. In response to pathogens some T cells, called T helper cells, produce cytokines that direct the immune response, while other T cells, called cytotoxic T cells, produce toxic [url=]granules that contain powerful enzymes which induce the death of pathogen-infected cells. Following activation, B cells and T cells leave a lasting legacy of the antigens they have encountered, in the form of memory cells. Throughout the lifetime of an animal these memory cells will “remember” each specific pathogen encountered, and are able to mount a strong and rapid response if the pathogen is detected again.
 Interesting. Maybe that is one thing what is meant by purifing the mind.

Learning to produce cells to clean out bad sectors. Learning to activate/regulate glands by using mind.
At the end growing new teeth and regenerate new hair, change weight, skin color, eye color, become young, eating once a week etc is not fantacy at all.

RE: doable energy practice
12/26/14 6:58 AM as a reply to Banned For waht?.
ramblings, subject to change stuff..of this circle first half was in last post, no idea how long in time spawn it was but half month for sure.

There is two extremums. a) body goes to mind
                                         b)mind goes to body
sun(left side of body)/lower abdomen, moon(right side of body)/head

variant a) suffering is minds own, it needs to be seen directly(for an example). After that you can come down from the 'high horse' by your own. Its secret belief is that you are wiser than others and think you deserve praise from your efforts. Fear of not deserving teachings from a master.

variant b) suffering is from a body, what needs to be seen is the secret wanting to run away from pain. If things gone bad then looking ways to 'run away' from the problem. Fear of missing something good.

a) is going towards death
b) is going towards birth

a) is suffering of being stubborn, 'knowing it all' type
b) is desireless, not wanting to do anything, 'giving up' type

last circle i thought i no more suffer because i am making myself ready if it comes, so i waited, but still got caught. There is experiences and effects, releases what will puzzle mind.

RE: doable energy practice
3/11/15 11:12 AM as a reply to Banned For waht?.
Whatever i have posted, it all belongs to skhandas and samsara.