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Silent Retreats, where in USA and abroad?

Silent Retreats, where in USA and abroad?
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8/1/13 2:37 PM
The gift of silent retreats is more than unplugging, more than meditation practice, the silence actually washes our awareness. The nature and sacredness of the setting makes a difference. The purpose of a silent retreat is a contest in not talking but the joy of receiving and being in pure peace and quiet. Silence releases the clutter in our awareness, the excess in our feelings, tension in our body. More than disconnecting from a busy life, more than leaving life's distractions behind, silence is an opportunity to take shelter in our own inner essence and wholeness. The heartfulness that is experienced lessens mental activity for the vastness of the expansive heart...

As a retreat leader for many years, I suggest for people of all traditions near Napa, California and Assisi, Italy.
A few days in silence, nature, and heartfulness can be an anchor to new life....

RE: Silent Retreats, where in USA and abroad?
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2/26/18 8:55 AM as a reply to Bruce Lee Davis.
Silent retreats in USA?  An ideal choice can depend on where, what kind, and how long. 

After many solo retreats in India, I built my own personal retreat cabin in Ponderosa pine forests east of Sedona, AZ.  My favorite silent retreat was a heartfelt solitude experience--not a scheduled group activity.  So I chose to be "nurtured in nature" in a mild climate to follow my Indian guide's direction: "Now just wait ..."

My name is bodhi heart, and in 2010, I was guided to "share this space."  Three affordable log cabins were added to my own, and Awakening Spirit ( became a hilltop hermitage retreat center at the edge of Pine. AZ (pop 1000, elev 5500 ft).  Three hillside "tiny house" hermitages added year-round retreat community living to the "silent yoga" self-guided, personal retreats.  

Together, Awakening Spirit silent retreats and Healing Heart hermitage retreat community are a safe refuge for healing recovery and a quiet lifestyle in nature.  Please contact if you have questions.