dont know mind

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dont know mind

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Hi der..

I have been working with questioning beliefs and keeping a "dont know mind" for a couple weeks now. Some of the techniques I have been using are Byron Katie's "is it true" question to be asked of thoughts. I have also been using a dzogchen technique wherein one stops all thinking for a moment to help one recognize the constructed nature of conceptual interpretations. Also every time I start trying to practice something I ask "why am I doing this?" and I find some idea about not being free and I ask "am I really not free?" "do I need to practice anything?" If this solidifies into more ideas about the proper practice being to "practice nothing" I ask "is it really true that this is the correct way to practice?"

Practicing like this I am just trying to not know what anything is or how it should be. Just not believing anything including the idea that I have to not believe anything. Has anyone practiced like this before? Any thoughts on it?

It has been very strange and joyful at times, very strange and scary at times, very strange and meaningless at times... It seems like the right way to go however. Like a speeding up of what would naturally happen. Because normally I just try to believe something and it takes months for the doubt-suppression to grow tired and cease. Looking at the lives of other people, the process of doubt-suppression growing tired and surrendering seems to take decades. I am just speeding up that process I think.

Looking at this whole post and whole idea I question whether it is true and find that I don't know. It is alot like psychedelic drugs.
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RE: dont know mind

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I've used Byron Katie's 4 questions with good results. I was introduced to it via Gary Weber's blog.
He always suggests using Lester Levinson's method immediately after Katie's. Check out his post here

As far as "don't know mind" I found that when I notice a strong thought appear simply asking the question "How do you know that?" had a lot of power to allow me to see it as just a thought, not reality.

I really like your questions:
"Why am I doing this?"
"Am I really not free?"
I can see these being highly effective, for me at least.