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Online Meditation Room (looking for curators)

Online Meditation Room: Just join in and meditate with others.

Online Meditation Room

There is also a public calendar, that way we can coordinate when to show up.

Room Schedule in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

For other time zones: Amsterdam, London, Los Angeles (Pacific Time), Denver (Mountain Time), Chicago (Central Time), New York (Eastern Time)

I can add other timezones, just ask for it: list of possible timezones.

If you want to edit the schedule, just send me an email (or leave your email in this thread, if you're OK with that) and I'll make you an editor of the google calendar, as well as let you add other editors yourself. I failed to find a good, free solution that would allow for unrestricted editing.

RE: DhO Meditation Room
10/8/13 6:52 PM as a reply to Bruno Loff.
Wow, Bruno. Thanks.

Yeah, probably a good sticky. Mods?

RE: DhO Meditation Room (looking for curators)
10/11/13 2:04 AM as a reply to Bruno Loff.
I think it would be nice to have an online place where you could join anytime and have someone there to meditate with.

With that in mind, I propose we set up a system of "curation" — a "curator" is someone who assumes the responsibility to be present in the meditation room at a given time slot (half an hour minimum). If we get enough people, eventually anyone can have company to meditate 24/7.

So we are now officially looking for curators.

I will start by volunteering myself to do 7am-8am every weekday, Amsterdam (GMT + 1:00) time, at least until Friday, November 29. By selecting your own time zone among the "room schedule" links in the first post, you can see what time that is for you.

With the jhana octoberfest being hosted by katy, that makes a total of 5 out of 24 hours coverage — at least on weekdays; at least until the end of october emoticon

RE: Online Meditation Room (looking for curators)
10/11/13 8:06 AM as a reply to Bruno Loff.
There's an app for that:

"With the Insight Connect feature, you can join a global meditation community - seeing at a glance people around the world who are meditating with you - including your friends. There are over 100 groups for various types of practice, making it easy to connect with others who share your spiritual path."

RE: Online Meditation Room (looking for curators)
10/11/13 10:28 AM as a reply to Derek.
Hmm, as far as I can see, the app gives you a little text message — twitter like — when your friends start and stop meditating, with tallies of their time.

That is great, but it is quite different than doing it over a video feed, where you get to actually see the person, hear him/her coughing, etc. A video feed is a bit like having someone there in the room with you, with all that it implies — I personally found that to be quite powerful, almost as much as meditating with someone else live. I got a really good vibe from the september samatha jhana group, but then it didn't really fit with my weekday schedule (still joining them for the weekends).

So I thought of starting my own thing for weekday mornings... but if I do it, then why not put it out there? I understand, of course, that this won't appeal to everyone emoticon

I personally think about this like a room really close to my house where people from my (e-)neighborhood go do their meditation (hopefully). I think that the habits and social bonds that form in this context are beneficial to my daily practice.

By the way, if someone else from europe does want to join, but the schedule isn't quite right, I could move the beginning of the hour to as early as 6h30 and as late as 8h00 (amsterdam time).

RE: Online Meditation Room (looking for curators)
10/21/13 2:46 AM as a reply to Bruno Loff.
I am away from amsterdam this week for work, and won't be hosting my daily session in the morning. I plan to continue next week.

RE: Online Meditation Room (looking for curators)
11/2/13 1:32 PM as a reply to Bruno Loff.
Hi Bruno,

Vijay, Chris, Katy and I have chosen to join your world calendar and book our meditation periods through you. So could you give us editing priveleges so we can book our regular 5:30 to 7:00 AM and 8:00 to 9:30 PM EDT (New York time).

Wanting to go this route came up in the past two days as we discussed our November 1-30: Rupa jhana practice in G hangouts: A Pleasant Abiding.

If you read through the new posting we want to direct people towards your calendar so that the more people can benefit from the Meditation Room Hangout. I know I represent everybody in our EDT sits how much we appreciate your initiative.

w Metta, Georges

RE: Online Meditation Room (looking for curators)
11/2/13 1:37 PM as a reply to Georges Drouin.
Katie and Chris already have editing rights. If you send me an email to bruno (dot) loff (at) gmail (dot) com I will add your email to the list of editors. They can manage the sharing, also, so they can add you themselves if that comes handy.

Next week I will have my meditation session an hour later, from 8am to 9am amsterdam time.

RE: Online Meditation Room (looking for curators)
11/2/13 1:55 PM as a reply to Bruno Loff.
Will do. I'll include Vijay's email as well since he'll he handling the morning sits. Merci bien, :-) g