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New practitioner
10/13/13 11:31 PM
Hello, I new to this practice. Here is a short list of some of my experiences. I hoping for a little explanation about where I might be at or what I experienced. Ive been meditating and trying to note and be mindful for about 5 months. All feedback is greatly appreciated.

- weightless
- tingling around neck
- feeling like legs are wobbly
- lack of interest in job and family
- thinking this practice is the one truth
- loss of sexual stimulation/desire
- moving slow like a sloth
- seeing a glow on people and objects
- interest in random objects / viewing mundane things up close
- sounds are meshing together/ not separate or labeled as much
- not blinking ( my daughter noticed it )

RE: New practitioner
10/14/13 2:31 AM as a reply to Keith Edward Miller.

Mmm... too little to make a diagnosis; a few questions:

-Are you aware of the maps? If so, have you noticed any patterns of symptoms?
-Are you using the noting technique? If not, what other? If yes, can you specify, vocabulary, noting speed and wheter or not you have a main object to come back to?
-Did any particularbook/teacher influenced you?
-Do you have any informal practice?
-How much time do you spend practicing daily?
-Do you havemind-wandering problems in formal/informal practice?
-Why are you practicing this? Do you have any specific goal to achieve or are you doing this mostly for psychological wellbeing, or something else?


RE: New practitioner
10/14/13 8:29 AM as a reply to M N.
Hi Mario , thanks for responding.

-I'm not aware of maps
-I'm noting when I go about my day randomly , during meditation I go in and out of noting. I find it tough to create words for the subtle sensations I'm feeling , so I don't note sometimes , if I'm hearing I tell myself im hearing or seeing or thinking etc. I try to break it down simply with words like that then I just try to be aware of what arises.
- I do not have a teacher but I attend dharma talks at the Buddhist center, I have a sangha and friends that meditate. I read books and watch videos a lot and I also meditate and try to be aware of the present moment quite a bit myself.
- I guess I have informal practice with friends and at the center
-about 40 minutes sitting daily, also about 40 minutes walking as well as mindfully feeling objects and looking at details and noting
- I do have mind wandering happen but it's much less of an issue lately. I'm starting to go deep really quick , almost like its getting natural but I still do think yes. When thinking happens I go back to breath.
- I'm practicing for the same reason everyone else is i suppose emoticon

RE: New practitioner
10/14/13 10:32 AM as a reply to Keith Edward Miller.
Ok; so, first things first: try to read this

I'm assuming that you haven't read it because you are not aware of the maps; if you didn't, my strong raccomandation is for you to stop meditating entirely and use the time that you would spend in meditation to read that.