Arahant and other titles

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Arahant and other titles

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I was a little surprised at first that Daniel declared himself an Arahant.

But I can say this: I have met many Buddhist teachers and a lot of them with titles like 'zen master' or 'lama' can tend to be condescending. I don't think condescension is helpful and I have to say that in none of his writing does Daniel seem condescending. That's what I really appreciate in a spiritual person.
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RE: Arahant and other titles

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When I heard him first proclaim that he was an arahant, I have to say I was taken aback a little too. I've come to the conclusion that whether he is or not, his book and website have very useful information and both have helped me a lot. Whether he is in fact an arahant I just view as his personal business, and I found it to be an interesting lesson when I heard someone claim to be an arahant that my immediate reaction was to deny and doubt this claim, even though I do not know him personally other than what I've read here. I think that speaks more to my own mindset and ego, than it does his claims though.

Now I don't have much of an opinion one way or the other because I am not him and don't have his personal experiences, and I myself am not someone who can determine someone else's attainments, but if he is an arahant, then great for him. In any case, I really appreciate what he's done here and have personally gained a lot.

There are others on this site who claim to be arahants too, but again, I am not one of them and I don't live in their mind so I don't know.