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Intense itch
11/19/13 3:15 AM
I'm quite new to the Dh0 so hello to everyone emoticon

I practiced samatha meditation a year ago for fairly short period of time about 3-4 weeks, during that time I could enter a certain very calming state which I believe to be "Access Concentration" but stopped my meditation to look after my baby daughter and only recently started practicing again. I also had other kinds of experiences other than the vacuum like "access concentration", like vibration all over my body and sometimes ecstatic feeling of joy which then sometimes turns into OOBE. Prior to my meditation practice I could do OOBE or astral projection quite easily. At the time I couldn't figure out where I was in the Progess of Insight and still can't now. I also have bought and read MCTB so I know some of the terminology. That's a very brief description of me and my experiences now to my main question.

Since I started my practice recently, during my meditation of just observing my breath after about 10-15 minutes I start to get this really really intense itching on my face which I try to just observe it and sometimes it dissappears sometimes the feeling changes from itching to little tingling or small vibration and spreads into wider area but most of the time it just persists, one time I had to endure this for almost 10 or so minutes (just horrible!). So my question is should I scratch it and continue with my practice or bear with it and try to make it my meditation object? Also is it possible to determine where I could be in the Progess of Insight map? Thank you for any feedback