Potential Malfunction Isolated

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Potential Malfunction Isolated

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Some of us are interested in a Mastering the Core Techniques, System Upgrade or Code Patch. Output, potentially identical or near identical to the old school type of Arahant may or may not result. Consult a physician before using if you have an unpleasant condition which requires ongoing maintenance and preservation.

This may be (at least part of) a Moral Compass Plug-In or Code Patch for those systems lacking or requiring an upgrade to this sensor. Also based on a developmental-ish model to calibrate any existing or newly installed conscience-ness code.

towards a

Beta Version

MCTB, 1.0 to 0.0 version upgrade or MCTB 1.0 plug in

For those working at the code mod and plug in calibration, this looks to be related to 'the malfunction', if any, in the other code.

Demonic Outflows Vs. Divine Outflows:

-notes towards the radiation model of the malfunction

If investigating Divine or Demonic Outflows

All indications is there are two possibly completely unidirectional polarizations, temporary or permanent, one very sweet, one very bitter, also possibly a non-tasting or resting condition with no detectable radiation. This thesis is disputed by some researchers, accepted by others, studies continue...

Research is hindered by low sensor readings on the one hand and mixed + and - radiation output in most cases.

Attenuation to zero radiation studies have not yet been undertaken and well documented by known researchers except potentially in the remote regions of Australia and elsewhere but there is anecdotal evidence available, not yet linked here.

These tips are from Kenneth Folk regarding the Demonic Outflows vs. a neutral, as yet, unidentified condition:

The Saint Model of Arahatship
This person does not suffer. No negative emotion is felt or expressed. Ever. (I have emphasized the expression of negative emotions because there will always be individuals who claim not to feel negative emotions even while expressing them in a way that is obvious to everyone around them. Doesn’t count.) No anger, resentment, annoyance, irritation, aversion, impatience, or restlessness is allowed. There is no sensual desire, and this applies to both food and sex. This person cannot compare himself/herself with others, either favorably or unfavorably. This person is unable to lie, steal, speak harshly, or kill a sentient being, including insects. Did I mention omniscience and diverse psychic powers including mind reading? This person is a saint by the most rigorous interpretation of the word.

Mental effluent, pollutant, or fermentation. Four qualities — sensuality, views, becoming, and ignorance — that "flow out" of the mind and create the flood of the round of death and rebirth.

The four "sublime" or "divine" abodes that are attained through the development of boundless mettā (goodwill), karuṇā (compassion), muditā (appreciative joy), and upekkhā (equanimity).

Clearly both sensor attenuation and radiation output are factors.

This suggests reviewing existing code for processing errors via the developmental model via the moral compass plug in, still presently under development hereabouts.

All new, experienced, and expert programers, are encouraged and welcome to check their data against recent findings and contribute any code mods or upgrades here.
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RE: Potential Malfunction Isolated

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Open request for papers in Conscience-ness Studies

Suggested Topics

Conscience-ness New Field, Old Field or Consciousness Sub Field?

Calibration of the Conscience-ness Sensor

Outflows: + or - ?

Two Compass Models Demonic vs. Divine Radiation

Outflow Studies - Regarding Outflows Beyond the Body

Animal Studies

Note on the, functional + moral compass and sensor together with + or 0 radiation outputs:

Appears to be best attenuated against any detection of higher than previous sensitivities and percepts of higher existing values for any and all animate objects demonstrating any sort of autonomous functioning...

This and any counter indicative code causing desensitization of this sensor and any other accompanying sensory and cognitive impairment...

or - radiation outputs, may be directly linked to code or sensor malfunctions.

* Animals have been and are used in this research
** No animals were or are knowingly harmed

Upgrades to the functional + moral compass and + oriented radioactive outflow appear to be directly linked and required in the production of observable data.

Research Ongoing...

animation annotation,