Right and Wrong

John Mckinstry, modified 7 Years ago.

Right and Wrong

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What is right and what is wrong? It may feel right to meditate but why does it feel right?

I believe the key is in that last question and how we based things as right or wrong is just the simple idea of how this action will feel for us nothing more nothing less... and our morality in general is only built when we continue to learn what feels good and what feels bad.

For example, I feel that killing another human (directly) is a bad thing to do. Why? I feel this way because I know if someone killed me or someone I "love" then I will feel terrible. This might be a selfish thing to think about but I think there is some truth behind it... that I, deep down, do not care what happens to others. What I only care about is how I would feel in the wake of certain events.

To go even further, if a family member was suffering badly over some event I would not do anything unless I knew my feelings would head south during their moment of pain.

To go to the core, I feel everyone (who have not understand this) is at some level narristic and those who have rejected the idea are just so blinded by the layers they have added for themselves and refuse to see the truth behind why they believe in what is right and what is wrong.

For the reason I believe this to be true is the reason I cannot see past this idea. That everyone at a subconscious level just act out of feelings and the idea of acting out of reason is just acting out of feeling still but one is aware that it will give them the best level of good sensations.