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General info request
2/8/14 11:21 PM
Hi. I very recently entered some thing. I hope for some feed back.

Totally heavy - very little bodily feeling - feels like I am weighted - experienced this multiple times as kid - induced it last night in a very straight forward way - recognized it immediately.

The overall sentiment - "if I let this encompasses me entirely, I'll really regret it". However, the feeling is "neither pleasure nor pain". Very disturbing weight / no weight. Would be disturbing if I didn't also feel very restful in this state.

Came out of it - was sad to see it end.

Induced by non-restriction of inflows above head - and it carried on from there - point of entry - temporal lobe area - cerebral cortex.

Couldn't induce it there after.

Wondering. Fourth jhana? Jhana, perio?

It was exactly "neither pleasure not pain". Had that quality where one might want to fear it. But was pretty sublime to be honest.

It felt "heavy". But very "solid". My body felt like an invisible, solid thing. Overcome and almost "invaded" by the mental fierceness of it. Hoping someone could point out the long term benefits of such a thing / pitfalls / why entry occurred as it did / other.

Thanks a bunch for any - any - comments. Please tell me if I came to the wrong place to. Appreciation,


RE: General info request
2/9/14 1:05 AM as a reply to Chris Paul Ames.
I figured it out i think. Sitting waiting for it to come to me. Gotta go to it. Above my head = outer space. Up, up, and away! Thank you. I'll say one thing. I'm not a three monther or a four monther - I was a four yearer. Wonder if anyone can relate to being between a rock and a hard place for four years? .... Exactly why I will keep to my self. That's a vice not worth mention. So the rest i will keep inside. Too sensitive - can't handle being non-local with really wise people. I got it hard enough as is with my mundane existence. Good bye!!!

- Chris