free online course: Buddhism and Modern Psychology

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free online course: Buddhism and Modern Psychology

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Hi everyone,

although i still need to properly introduce myself to this group, i thought i'd post this anyway,
maybe simply as a big thank you for all i've learned from you during 1 year of browsing various discussions on this forum:

I received a hint yesterday via a member of the American FB group "Against the stream buddhist meditation society"
to this free online course taught via Princeton University:

I found the introduction text & video interesting and,
since upon some quick research i could not find anything negative about the site,
i registered to join the course, which starts March 20th and is 6 weeks long.

I also crossposted this to one other FB dharma group, which already generated another 25 participants.
I can imagine well prepared material will be provided & possible useful discussions coming up in the forum group attached to that course.

One can simply register to that site/course for free by giving them a working e-mail adress and (user) name.

Please feel free to forward this post wherever you like, have a nice day, and happy practicing ;-)