Helpful Dharma talks

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Helpful Dharma talks

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These were some talks I've listened to in the last year. I've found them all very helpful in deepening understanding as well as providing solid practice instructions.

Joseph Goldstein’s series on the Satipatthana sutta - Excellent treatment on this important discourse. Based in large part on Ven. Analayo’s book.

Sayadaw Vivekananda's retreat talks - A student of Sayadaw U Pandita’s. He is the abbot of the Panditarama retreat center in Lumbini, Nepal. His talks provide excellent instructions and answers many questions from a Mahasi based practice’s perspectives.

Leigh Brasington on Jhanas and dependent origination - Very informative if you’ve an interest in concentration and Jhana practices. Much of the Jhana information reflects what I read in Richard Shankman’s Samadhi book.

Rob Burbea: Non-duality and the fading of perception - I found this link in another post on DhO. Eye opening and helpful in my understanding of these crucial concepts.