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Re: Lucid dreaming A&P Experience Maybe

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Since i have read the power of now, i think i have gained a higher level of consciousness. Sometimes i can send vibrations throughout my body and they feel like a massage or a low intensity orgasm. A couple days ago after practicing some singing emoticon i decided to take a nap. When i was half asleep, i felt my throat as a big whole. Then i guess i imagined myself watching the inside of my throat and feeling extremely joyous vibrations in the throat. It felt amazing. It seemed like an out of body experience but not quite sure. Yesterday night as the my computer light flickered i watched the ceiling get lighter and darker. I then saw shadows with wings fluttering like extremely fast butterflies. It must have lasted for at least 30 seconds to a minute. I am a decent watcher of the mind, can often draw pleasurable vibrations in my feet, and are starting to sense a lot more things around me such as acute hearing. I guess i am wondering if these are A&P events and if so, how should i proceed? I am definitely a seeker but also a beginner. It began by reading books and getting feelings, then becoming more alert and aware of peoples suffering, then slightly losing my ego (but of course events often happen that contain my ego), and feeling energies in rooms. Thank you so much and this website is incredible.
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Adam Bieber:
I guess i am wondering if these are A&P events and if so, how should i proceed?

Hello there, and welcome.

From the sound of your description; especially the general tone, general prior experience, and a few other indicators, I suspect that you're describing a territory called "knowledge of mind and body," or perhaps a samatha jhana. In MCTB, there is a chapter describing this territory thoroughly called "Mind and Body" under the larger section "The Progress of Insight." There are also chapters describing the samatha jhanas, and if it is one of those, it is probably number 2 or 4. ( Note that your experience could be any number of different stages of insight / samatha states, so it is really best if you do a bunch of reading whilst being honest with yourself so that you can pinpoint your own spot on the map, to the best of your ability. )

I recommend giving MCTB an entire read-through, then doing a bunch of thinking in light of what you read, and then doing a bunch of meditating based on both your reading and thoughts; posting again as you deem necessary.