Don't know where mind ends and world starts

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Don't know where mind ends and world starts

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As the title says, I'm starting to lose sense of where my mind ends and the world starts . I'm not sure of what to think about this or what to do. I'm pretty sure I don't know what the hell I'm doing anymore. I was hoping to get this kind of figured out soon because I have exams coming up in a couple of weeks, so I should be studying differential equations rather than having a spiritual crisis.

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RE: Don't know where mind ends and world starts

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imho you have your answer on your headline.

brain seems to be reciever, transmitter and filter at the same time.
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RE: Don't know where mind ends and world starts

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IMO, how much of a hassle this will be for you depends partly on how you choose to frame it in your mind. If you think of it as a 'spiritual crisis' then it could be very distracting and take up a lot of your energy and concern. Certainly if there is a spiritual crisis then it's for sure time to be scared! But if you think of it as a natural and normal progression and temporary time of confusion that you WILL get past, then that is what will happen, you will get past it and you will do it successfully. Or you can even think of it as a potentially amazing and cool and fun experience. Thoughts have power. However you choose to respond to it is really your choice. The thing itself cannot hurt you but you can hurt yourself a lot or help yourself a lot depending on how you choose to think about and respond to the situation.

Anyway, IMO, there really is no dividing line between where your mind ends and the rest of the world starts. But sounds like maybe you are experiencing that more strongly and clearly than I am able to experience it. It's normal to be unnerved by new things especially when they seem radically new, but give yourself a bit of time to get used to it and usually it will soon feel like boring old hat and your mind will shift to having a comfort level to this new idea. Meanwhile while you are adjusting, just try not to let your imagination run hard and unchecked into negative and unuseful thoughts and feelings. If you start to feel very uneasy, just remember that the experience itself cannot hurt you.

Also, it can help to remember the thoughts, feelings, etc you feel are just things. If you observe them as things that sometimes show up, but are not you, then that can help a lot or at least it does for me. If I feel overwhelmed, sometimes I just observe myself and say to myself according to what I am feeling, "A feeling of fear comes up, A feeling of irritation comes up," etc. Similar to meditation, IMO objectifying feelings and thoughts as outside things is generally a quick way to take the power out of them, especially if they are thoughts and feelings that are not helping you at the time. IMO, it's not possible to suppress them but you can get a different perspective on them and feed them less of your energy which helps a lot for staying on an even keel.
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RE: Don't know where mind ends and world starts

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This is a typical outcome of a serious meditation practice.

Whenever I've had experiences like these, I've noticed that it doesn't really make much of a difference in my day to day life. Everything still works like before, just from a new perspective. I can work and learn just as well.

There's really nothing you have to do about it.