Health Question

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Health Question

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Dear all,

I am aware that this is a minor and not very interesting question but it has been troubling me so I decided to ask for maybe-help. I have joined 4 courses Vipassana/Goenka within the last year. In every course I experienced the same physical phenomenon (besides the many usual physical conditions of course, which I could deal with very equanimously). At the 7th or 8th day my eyes become unusually red and dry during the meditations and feel/ look sore for the rest of the retreat. If the meditation is very intense, the problem gets worse and the eyes are hurting during the meditation. I tried eye drops (just for moistening) within the last course - which didn't help. It never occurs in daily practice.

Now of course the answer to this can be simply "equanimity", too. But I thought, if someone else might have had the same problem and a solution I would be grateful to share the information.

With metta
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RE: Health Question

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Recently I experienced something like this: I noticed a big knot of energy being stored somewhere near the top of the neck; then I let that energy flow throught the front of the head, and when it hit the eyes I experienced unplaesent sensations there.

I noticed more than once that if too much energy hits the surface of the body it can create unplaesent sensations there, and even affecting the physical body; it might very well be that for whatever reason your energy body is wired in such a way that a lot of energy gets discharged from your eyes.

In the eyes there are a lot of little pores sending energy outside and taking energy in from the enviromnent; they discharge a lot of the energy flowing upward in the lateral channels of the spine.

So, my suggestion would be to avoid focusing on your head and on your spine; Also, avoiding focusing on the muscles on the tip of the nose and the upper lip, as they are related with the spine (inside the nose should be fine though); spending more time focusing on your hands and feet, ears and lower lip (there are a lot of little pores there, like those in the eyes). That might help making energy stay away from the regions affected by the eyes and could direct energies toward other pathways.

Just a suggestion... bye!
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RE: Health Question

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Hi Katharina,

Different people experience different physical symptoms during the retreat depending on their stock of subconscious impressions. I'm sorry to say that the only thing you can really do is keep observing with complete equanimity, and keep practicing at home as well keeping good sila.

I experience soreness in eyes or extremely unpleasant sensations near my tear ducts during some sits. Observing the sensations with equanimity for a few seconds/minutes results in them getting more intense and dissolving away. Just dont touch or rub your eyes as this can worsen it.