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4/11/14 7:26 AM
So when I wake up in the morning, or really quite often anytime I am lying down, I get these bubbles. My mind will be resting, humming along on its usual track, and there will be these interruptions to the nervous system that almost prompt me to get up (for what can depend, sometimes nothing). I might compare this to someone learning to meditate for the first time and having a hard time with restlessness, but I encounter them most often when reclining with no goal in mind ( as I no longer do formal sits unless with a group).

I might attribute such phenomena to a "not-fully-synced" mind, but this seems to kind of miss the point somehow.

Edit: the main point that I bring up here is that these bubbles are infused with a slight quality of doubt, hence why I am interested in learning more.

RE: Bubbles
4/12/14 4:56 AM as a reply to A. DIetrich Ringle.
When you say "bubbles", what specifically do you mean? A flatulence? A gastric disturbance? An effervescence? A series of hallucinations? Just thoughts? What? ;)

RE: Bubbles
4/12/14 5:26 AM as a reply to Daniel M. Ingram.
I think there is not much I can do about this actually. Its kind of like wanting to be two places at once and feeling it as pain in the spinal column. I hate to chalk things that don't feel skillful up to habit energy but I think that this is just that.
It reminds me of being in high school and wondering why I could only push myself hard in training when the coach was present.