Dangers of Meditation

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Dangers of Meditation

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I'm trying to compile information about the dangers of meditation. By understanding how things can go wrong, what not to do, I hope to get a better understanding of how to do things the right way. I got a few links, which I will share in the hope of stimulating more sharing or conversation on the subject.

Dangers of Meditation on the website of Lorin Roche, Ph.D., "a zesty, life-affirming approach to meditation",

Falling Down the TM Rabbit Hole, a website all about the problems associated with Transcendental Meditation.

Arguments against Meditation from the website and blog of Vincent Horn.
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RE: Dangers of Meditation

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It depends what kind of meditation you do.

If you practice the kind where you absorb yourself in sensual pleasures, in doubt, remorse, laziness or anger then your meditation is harmful to yourself and useless.

If you practice the kind where wholesome qualities grow in you and unwholesome qualities cease, then your meditation is beneficial and useful.

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RE: Dangers of Meditation

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