Confusion about experiences and stages [John Power] [MIGRATE]

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Confusion about experiences and stages [John Power] [MIGRATE]

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Confusion about experiences and stages [John Power]

John Power - 2014-05-06 19:45:01 - Confusion about experiences and stages

There are currently experiences that matches different stages of insight. Perhaps I am cycling through the stages in daily life and also in formal meditation. I will post the two latest practise descriptions and a link to my whole practise log.

3 May:
Lately I find it hard to breath. My breath is shallow and I have tension in my back (from my butt till neck). I also had stomach ache. Then the next day it is gone. Then today: hard to breath again and tension in my back and neck.
Then for a time it is gone and I can breath as normal, and then it comes back again.
I read about cycling during the day, I quess this is what is happening. There are a lot thoughts and it seems that clarity and haze are switching every now and then. Sometimes I can observe 3 to 4 senses at a time and then sometimes I get lost in thought.

60 min meditation: first there is clarity, then there are thoughts were I am sucked in every now and then, while I try to stay with the breath. There is the shallow breath and tension in the back and neck. Then suddenly there was a snap in my head and there was a warm feeling spreading from beneath through my head. I thought what was that? And was thinking about that while also staying aware of the body. Could it be the transition from RE-O to EQ, or something else? But then I try to see if there was something different, but no not really, still tension.

6 May:

40 min meditation: While I was meditating there were thought a lot thoughts, some I noticed quickly and others I was sucked in. Then suddenly there was another discontinuety again, after that flickering when looking at my eye lids, then a warm feeling spreading slowly from beneath me through the body.

50 min meditation: Pain in my back and neck. When concentrated on the pain on my neck, it seemed like a wave of stifness. The breath became pulled in and it seemed like a metal plate was placed there, after a few seconds the breath was 'normal' again. In one occasion my neck was straight and I could not bend it forwards. There was a pull to keep it straight, after about 20 seconds the pull was released.

My quess is that I am in Re-O but that doesn't explain the events that happened lately.