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Sneaking into 5th jhana [Hazard J Gibbons] [MIGRATE]

Sneaking into 5th jhana [Hazard J Gibbons]

Hazard J Gibbons - 2014-03-30 23:15:20 - Sneaking into 5th jhana

When I listen to the album "Hex" by Bark Psychosis ( ), if I really allow myself, I have the impression of being mentally transported to this sprawling urban realm of blurred electric lights and tall buildings, utterly devoid of people, like I've been exiled there and will wander forever in this nightscape. Its not entirely unpleasant, since I'm quite agoraphobic, but also discomfiting in a good way, as its quite a tense album, lyrically. This experience is reported by many fans of the band. What I've been thinking recently is what if I enter this place, wander around for a while, and as the album hits the last track ( a purely ambient piece ) I expand the boundaries of the city outward to infinity, and thus "sneak" into the higher jhanas? The album experience is much like a lucid dream, but with a theme; I will try this tonight and report on the results.


Hazard J Gibbons - 2014-04-27 16:30:12 - RE: Sneaking into 5th jhana

Sorry for the delay guys, I haven't actually done the experiment yet. I'm finding it difficult to enter into the required mindstate; I began doing the "Hex" "practice" when I was 14, without any training in meditation, and just naturally got into a mind state where calling up a whole alternate reality wasn't a problem. I'm trying to get as close as possible to the mindstate I had then, minus the unskillful qualities, so I can approach it with the mind of a child, as it were.