What i learned from Goenka

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What i learned from Goenka

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After taking an "advanced" 10 day course in the middle of Thailand, one of the most benefitual thing i learned from his dharma talks was how we each paint a picture of ourself in our own heads of what it means to be us. When we praise ourself it glows and when we don't it slowly dries up.

Why is this important? Because when we interact with the world we place the painting in things hoping that thing will make our painting glow. 

If it glows and we believe that object was the cause then we crave it, but if it dries and we believe that object was the cause then we avoid it.

But if you open your eyes and see what is really going on then a lot changes... I hope this helps everyone who struggles with the objects of the mind! 

And like Goenka has said, may you all be happy may you all find peace.  :-)
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RE: What i learned from Goenka

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Hi john,
   I find also that when we find ourselves thinking to ourselves in the middle of doing activities and suddenly get distracted, we sometimes forget what we were thinking about and want to remember.  But that wanting to remember is more intense when the subject we were thinking about happened to be about ourselves.
   Just a small observation emoticon