Loneliness of the path

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Loneliness of the path

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I've been having trouble reconciling two things recently.

Loneliness that is brought about by the path and happiness. We humans need to not be lonely to be happy. At the same time the path has a built-in loneliness. I'm having trouble reconciling these two. 

And it feels like there is something wrong with how the path can be alienating to the rest of the world. Is the alienation common? I have had many insights but I don't have any major attainments. So it may get better or worse from this point I don't know. 

Is this an issue of our time and place? The western world in 2000 AD.. Maybe the path wasn't as lonely in the east 2000 years ago?
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RE: Loneliness of the path

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The loneliness probably comes from the fact that any kind of mental development will only bear fruit that you can see. If you were creating art, you could show it to other people (though, that's also a rather lonely pursuit, haha). You can't show your meditation results to anyone but yourself.

This is probably a valuable teacher, though. The results of meditation always seem to point towards ordinariness. The more spectacular the special effects or the bliss, the less likely it'll teach anything valuable. I feel like the only valuable thing I've gained so far has been simple contentment. Contentment, by its very nature, isn't very spectacular, so it's hard to share it with anyone, haha.

Just realize that the greatest fruit your meditation can bear for other people is the patience and kindness it helps you develop. If you want it to be a less lonely path, allow it to bear fruit in that direction. emoticon
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RE: Loneliness of the path

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Hi Trial and Error,

I can resonate with the things you're saying. I am sure that the feeling of alienation is common amongst a lot of people who get quite serious about practice.
I have nothing useful or intelligent to say other than yes I felt it too and now I feel it less. Not sure if it's our times or not. In some ways we are luckier, it is easier for us to take some months off work, or change our lives, than it was for say, a subsistence farmer who was married had his first child at 16.
Go well emoticon