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Trying to put together a list of Books and links of what I have personally read, or read enough of that the Book or link has helped in some way, for every book or link provided there are dozens of other books and links that are not provided due to quality, content and/or due to  the reality of our short lifespans.  

But, there are probably many books, teachers and links of a high standard and quality that are not on this list, that  would be due to my having not encountered the book, link or teaching, I haven't posted it yet, or someone else  hasn't posted it yet, (So if anyone has suggestions, please add to the list)

I apologize in advance if these posting are a nuisance, but don't worry, eventually it will settle down and  pass away, as all things do.  

And I also apologize for not having put Daniel Ingram's Book in the post to begin with, but it seemed silly at first, as it would be a link right back to the same website that I am posting from, but no offense was ever intended, so to rectify this situation  Daniel's book will get honor of  the first link, as indeed, without having read MCTB, I would not be here, and would probably be only be practicing somewhat half-heartedly, and half-assed,  while MCTB methods are not all of what I practice personally, the book has had a definite triggering effect within me to practice, Makin' it Real.

Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha  Daniel Ingram

Saints and Psychopaths  William L. Hamilton

Ayya Khema  Wat Buddha Dhamma Australia 1992

Nibbana The Mind Stilled  Ven. Nanananda

The Magic of the Mind  Ven. Nanananda

Concept and Reality  Ven. Nanananda

The Worn Out Skin Nyanaponika Thera

The Power of Mindfulness  Nyanaponika Thera

Contemplation of Feeling Nyanaponika Thera

Three Basic Facts of Existence I: Impermanence (Anicca) Collected Essays, by Nyanaponika Thera

Three Basic Facts of Existence II: Suffering (Dukkha) - Collected essays, by Nyanaponika Thera

Three Basic Facts of Existence III: Anatta, Collected essays, by Nyanaponika Thera

Mindfulness in Plain Englishby Ven. Henepola Gunaratana

A Critical Analysis of the Jhanas in Theravada Meditation
This work, by Ven. Henepola Gunaratana

The Seven Stages of Purification and The Insight Knowledges  The Venerable Mahathera Matara Sri Nanarama

The Seven Contemplations of InsightA Treatise on Insight Meditation  The Venerble Mahathera Matara Sri Nanarama

To be continued....

RE: Best of , (Books, Links, Sites and Stuff)
6/22/14 8:03 AM as a reply to Psi.
The Hot Zone: A Terrifying True Story     Richard Preston

Awakenings      Oliver Sacks

The Naked Ape: A Zoologist's Study of the Human Animal     Desmond Morris

Virus of the Mind: The New Science of the Meme        Richard Brodie

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance     Robert Pirsig

Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics    Gary Zukav

A Short History of Nearly Everything    Bill Bryson

The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark    Carl Sagan

To be continued...

RE: Best of , (Books, Links, Sites and Stuff)
6/22/14 8:31 AM as a reply to Psi.
Practical Mysticism by Evelyn Underhill

As a Man Thinketh by James Allen

The Imitation of Christ by à Kempis Thomas

RE: Best of , (Books, Links, Sites and Stuff)
6/22/14 9:00 AM as a reply to Psi.
Only the Best of, (IMHO) would also like to include physical and energy practices, some science, some documentaries,  but stuff that works, "Real" techniques, using Archetypes and Visualization is cool, it works , not all of the brain can communicate with words, Large chunks of the mind uses pictures and symbols, and other parts use only sensations, and chemcal reactions, somehow, IMHO, it seems one has to unify all of this "unravelling the Unconscious knot", and bring the unconscious into the conscious realm...

I was looking through C.W. Leadbeaters book "The Chakras"  He writes about the opening of the Third eye, Ajna Chakra, and how it is like the use of a "tube" of sight, that can be reduced to microscopic level, or expanded to a universal view.  He discusses the Functions of the awakened chakras around chapter IV, though if yours are already awakend this may all be redundant, like looking at a map to the beach, while sitting on the beach.

The Chakras  C.W. Leadbeater

RE: Best of , (Books, Links, Sites and Stuff)
6/22/14 2:42 PM as a reply to Psi.
If energetic practices are welcome here I'm inclined to post this Reichian textbook. It's the most powerful physio-energetic system I've ever encountered. Don't underestimate it
Reichian Therapy: The Technique, for Home Use by Jack Willis

Also, Crowley's yoga book is a classic.
Eight Lectures on Yoga by Aleister Crowley

This book on hypnosis seems off-topic but the tie-ins to meditation are deep. Can help one more intimately understand how language and 'out-of-conscious systems' pull us away from responding to phenomena as they arise, and towards robotic reliving of previous conditioning. Also, just an enjoyable read
Monsters and Magical Sticks: There's No Such Thing as Hypnosis

Feeling alienated in the Dark Night? Dark Night, get your Dark Night

Dark Night of the Soul by St. John of the Cross
The Dark Night of the Soul: A Psychiatrist Explores the Connection Between Darkness and Spiritual Growth by Gerald G. May
A Hell of Mercy: A Meditation on Depression and the Dark Night of the Soul by Tim Farrington
Dark Night: The Soundtrack!

All I've got for now.

RE: Best of , (Books, Links, Sites and Stuff)
6/22/14 2:58 PM as a reply to Psi.
Two books I haven't seen mentioned but were extremely helpful to me are the Cloud of Unknowing and the sayings of the Desert Fathers.

RE: Best of , (Books, Links, Sites and Stuff)
6/23/14 7:45 PM as a reply to Psi.
That's what He said....  (The Buddha that is)  As straight from the Horse's Mouth as we can get , so to speak, I am sure there are other translations, but I have not read them, and thus can not recommend them.

 (Digha Nikaya) The Long Discourses of the Buddha  Maurice Walsh Translator

(Majjhima Nikaya) The Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha: A Translation of the Majjhima Nikaya (Teachings of the Buddha)   The translation is based on an original draft translation left by the English scholar-monk Bhikkhu Nanamoli, which has been edited and revised by the American monk Bhikkhu Bodhi, who provides a long introduction and helpful explanatory notes.

(Samyutta Nikaya) The Connected Discourses of the Buddha Bhikku Bodhi

(Anguttara Nikaya)  The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha: A Complete Translation of the Anguttara Nikaya (Teachings of the Buddha)  Bhikku Bodhi

The Udana & The Itivuttaka  John D Ireland translator

The Rhinoceros Horn and Other Early Buddhist Poems: The Group of Discourses (Sutta-Nipata, Vol 1)  K,R, Norman Translator

RE: Best of , (Books, Links, Sites and Stuff)
6/23/14 7:19 PM as a reply to Psi.
Breath Meditation Condensed by Upasika Kee Nanayon translated from the Thai by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

Upasika Kee Nanayon

The Teachings of Ajahn Chah

Bhante Vimalaramsi    Moving Dhamma Volume 1

Bhante Vimalaramsi   The Breath of Love

RE: Best of , (Books, Links, Sites and Stuff)
6/23/14 9:25 PM as a reply to Psi.
MTCB did help especially with the emphasis on consistent noting and noting more detail.  Daniel's comments in the website and in the book helped me treat thoughts like I treat sensations.

The Direct Path video by Kenneth Folk:

This video series reminds to you anchor yourself into your body.

Analayo's books remind you of everything you've forgotten.  I especially like the descriptions of the 7 factors of awakening:

Mathieu Boisvert:

This book connects the 5 aggregates via perception to dependent arising.


Nagarjuna is great at reminding one of the middle path and avoiding extreme inherent existence and extreme nihilism.  Some of this stuff is a little beyond me but a lot of it is within reach for most people.  His understanding of perception and relativity of shapes, sizes, and measurements and reactivity to them is masterful.

Return to the source - Shinzen Young:

This pdf helped me deal with the self hijacking the meditation and feeling like a controller.  It smoothed out the noting practice.

Rob Burbea's talks help to look into the concept of time and how the arising and passing away of experience is also not inherent and still conceptual.  Since all experiences are touching the separation of time as an inherently existing phenomenon is too simplistic.  All measurements (including time measurements) can be subdivided infinitely with no final inherent existence that can be found.  Looking into particle physics is also a good idea now that the Higgs Boson is found and scientists want to dig deeper and find more.

The Direct Path by Greg Goode:  This helped me with Advaita style relaxing in consciousness.

RE: Best of , (Books, Links, Sites and Stuff)
12/12/14 4:37 PM as a reply to Psi.
Have to add this to the list:

Meditation on Perception  by Bhante Gunaratana

Wow, been absorbing this for a while, good to hit a 2-4 page chapter , and let it sink in, going to re-read. I actually read the book chapter by chapter the first time through, but backwards, hey , when the last chapter is called Freedom, what is a guy to do?

This book seems to go very deep into some interesting subjects and practices, while Bhante Gunaratana may have been holding back a little in his other books about the end of the path, he does not do so at all in this book.  And, I might add, the descriptions line up with the reality of practice and life, no fairy tales.

Part 1 deals with perception to the end of perception

Part 2 Ten Healing Perceptions

Perception of Impermanence, Perception of Selflessness, Perception of Impurities, Perception of Danger, Perception of  Abandoning, Perception of Dispassion, Perception of Cessation, Perception of Nondelight in the Whole World, Perception of Impermanence in Regard to all Mental Formations

He then covers Mindfulness of Breathing, Pure Perception of the Pure Breath, Four Foundations of Mindfulness, The Seven Factors of Enlightenment

Part 3 Meditation: Impermanence and Six Sensory Objects  Meditation: The Mind is also Changing, Meditation : The Keys to our Deliverance, Meditation: Dependent Origination, Meditation: Seeing Impermanence with Insight Awareness

And lastly


The book is based upon the Girimananda Sutta

That's all Folks


Also adding 

Sam Harris Waking Up

Good book, This is more of the Direct Pointing type suggested path, where one experiences Enlightenment and then works backwards to increase the time spent in Enlightenment, until in envelops the enirety of being, Well, that may not be what the book is about exactly, but it seems that is what he is referring to, but it's a cool book, easy to read, learned a little, and glad I read it.  Maybe books like this will help people to get onto some kind of spiritual path, and at least be aware there is something more to life than Iphones and Qdoba's, and hey I like Qdoba's...go Vegan there if ya want to....

RE: Best of , (Books, Links, Sites and Stuff)
12/12/14 5:27 PM as a reply to Psi.
Consciousness Explained
By: Daniel Dennett

Also, this:
By: Nature

RE: Best of , (Books, Links, Sites and Stuff)
12/12/14 6:30 PM as a reply to Psi.
Psi, I read Bhante G's book on perception a few months back. I also really enjoyed it and found a lot relevant. One thing which I couldn't overlook was the sense that he is quite elderly now and the book seems to be reflective of that perspective. A solid recommendation.

RE: Best of , (Books, Links, Sites and Stuff)
12/12/14 6:56 PM as a reply to Not Tao.
Not Tao:
Consciousness Explained
By: Daniel Dennett

Also, this:
By: Nature
Why is it good? I found it boring, illogical and presumptious. From what I recall he avoids or explains away everything interesting. Dont think I even finished the book. It was so bad. I would recommend John Searle or Thomas Nagel. Dennet is a really crappy philosopher.

RE: Best of , (Books, Links, Sites and Stuff)
12/12/14 6:52 PM as a reply to Not Tao.
Not Tao:
Consciousness Explained
By: Daniel Dennett

Also, this:
By: Nature

Excellent link, I am  30:34 min. into it, the birds seem to be repeating the same things over and over, just like us, explaining the same reality, just different songs, so Dennett seems to be right after all.... We are such Neurons.... emoticon

RE: Best of , (Books, Links, Sites and Stuff)
12/14/14 8:25 AM as a reply to Not Tao.
Not Tao:
Consciousness Explained
By: Daniel Dennett

Also, this:
By: Nature

Thanks for that. I'd never taken the time to look into Daniel Dennett's work before, only knew he was one of the four (now 3) horsemen. did a wiki and then youtubed to his Consciousness Explained. excellent! enjoyed his chirps as much as the birds emoticon

RE: Best of , (Books, Links, Sites and Stuff)
5/29/16 1:39 PM as a reply to Psi.
There is a ton of excellent material here, I downloaded this and was able to read it fine on a kindle, works pretty good.

Buddhist Publication Society

HTML versions of all of the Bodhi Leaves, Wheels, and Books in the online library.  And they mean ALL , I do not know many volumes this would be printed, but I know the Wheels alone in print is at least 28 volumes... Anyway good stuff.

Also, Access to Insight can be downloaded in full for offline reading, Huge...

Nicky just provided this link below on another post, and I have to second the recommendation for works by Ven Buddhadasa Bhikku.  And, again, another huge list of resource material.


Hopefully there will not be a huge Solar Flare anytime soon that will cause humanity to start all over with writing on leaves, so best to study now, I suppose...  emoticon

RE: Best of , (Books, Links, Sites and Stuff)
11/17/16 10:37 PM as a reply to Psi.