Ferguson - send in the Arhats

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Ferguson - send in the Arhats

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I've participated in a few conversations about the shooting in Ferguson.  It feels like madness swirling around everywhere.  My urge is compassion for all parties.

I had this thought: it would be cool if someone placed a pillow nearby the site of the shooting, and sat.  Just sat.  For about 40 days.  My fantasy is that it would be like Forest Gump running back and forth the country, but it would be just sitting.  I should do that instead of the 10-day I'm planning for December.

It would be good practice, and good publicity.

I wish school was not in session.  Hmm, maybe to 'just sit' here near home, under a sign that says 'Ferguson'.
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RE: Ferguson - send in the Arhats

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People in many places have a lot of pent up anger and emotion.  This kind of thing festers and builds energy if not dealt with.  Then some event or thing comes along that triggers that emotion.  The people in the area project their own emotions onto the situation, especially when there are few known facts to get in the way.  Logic often cannot combat runaway emotion.  Longterm, the way to go is overall improvement in the lives and situations of everyone involved.  This short term violence is just a symptom of an ongoing festering situation of that area and long term the festering of that area is just a symptom of humanity's current condition.  A few arhats don't have the power to fix it, everyone has to work on it together.