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ATTENTION!: It appears that our server has been hacked through this version of Liferay, meaning it is no longer secure, and so expect instability as we deal with this and attempt to upgrade to Liferay 7, which we failed to be able to do last year the last time the team attempted it, but we have no choice at this point, so bear with us as we try again. Save any long posts in a text file before posting them. You can follow me on Twitter at @danielmingram for updates if the site is down. Apologies for any complexity this causes. We will work as fast as we can. We have backups of the database, so hopefully nothing will be lost. Thanks to all helping with this complex process.




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Anyone stopping sitting post-SE?

Anyone stopping sitting post-SE?
9/16/14 2:53 PM
Last fall and winter I was sitting from 2-8 hours a day most days, and had experiences that lined up to the what's talked about here leading up to 1-3 path moments.  I wrote about it all in my log here.

But then I stopped sitting altogether sometime around December 2013.  Mundane life became extremely enjoyable and I just dropped it, except on the rare occassion I was feeling overstressed.

I'm highly motivated again to get back into sitting, and was curious if anyone else had taken this much time off after SE.  What were your experiences like?  How did it feel trying to orient yourself pathwise again?  Did you repeat stages?  I feel decidedly less clearheaded and emotionally stable than I did last fall immediately post-SE, but my life is also just more socially complex now.

RE: Anyone stopping sitting post-SE?
9/16/14 7:49 PM as a reply to Seamus O.
But then I stopped sitting altogether sometime around December 2013

I've gone longer than this without sitting between cycles.  I never noticed a problem with it as any realizations due to paths are permanent.  Sitting will just start you right back where you left off.  However, you'll probably have to start the insight cycle process from the beginning that follows the last cycle completed.  I tend to start out with short 20-30 minute sits if I haven't sat for a while.