Are any of these meditations legit?

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Are any of these meditations legit?

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Hey guys, my first post here, hope I'm not asking something that has already been asked, but anyway..

I stumbled across this website called Joy of Satan, now the religion itself I don't buy into although they have a list of meditations which they call "Power Meditation" or "Satanic Meditation", claiming to have certain effects, I'm just trying to find out if it would be worth my time.

Here are the links, I hope someone here will be able to give me some insight, I'm fairly new to meditation but I am in it for the long run, I am keen to hear what you guys have to say emoticon
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RE: Are any of these meditations legit?

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Hi Travis,

The Breath Meditation Instructions, which from a quick look at the site seem to be the "foundation" exercise, are pretty straightforward as breath meditation goes, and will lead to what's discussed here as "Jhana" or "Samatha Jhana".

I'd recommend learning some of the "cleaning" or "protection" techniques early on as well, and to perform one of them in preparation for, and/or after concluding other techniques. Like taking a shower in the morning and after a workout, or keeping your workshop tidy.

The energy - chakra, kundalini etc - practices building on this foundation also seem to be fairly straightforward as this kind of practice goes.

The visualization element in these instructions might be a bit tricky depending on your personal disposition or aptitude regarding visualization. If you follow these instructions but feel you need more "oomph" with visualization, you might want to try staring at a visual object, such a spot on the wall, a candle flame, the afterimage of something bright (or of the candle flame), for a few minutes as a form of "pumping the visual concentration muscles" in preparation. Training concentration with a visual object is sometimes discussed here under the term "kasina".

One aspect of meditation which is central to the DhO, namely "insight" meditation, or vipassana, seem to be rather low-key in the descriptions of that site. However, if you explore the many meditation exercises presented there, you are bound to do a bit of experimentation and exploring and analyzing, which will get you insight (as the term is used on the DhO). It's just not the main focus, apparently.

If you like this approach to meditation, you might also enjoy the material presented on The Baptist's Head website, which I can recommend.

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RE: Are any of these meditations legit?

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In general, this is mostly a bunch of concentration practice with a heavy leaning towards the "powers" experiences. 

So if that's what you want to cultivate, I expect they'd work given enough practice.