Protests against Dalai Lama

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Protests against Dalai Lama

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I have come abroad for more than 10 years. In these years I am constantly accompanied by disappointment which finally turn into despair. I used to be just as passionate when leaving my home and family in Tibet to work for the rejuvenation of the Tibet nation. But my passion met with only suspect, desertion, and poker-faced fellows. People in CTA put only their own interest on top of their priority list, they are no representative of the entire nation. I am unemployed and homeless now and have to struggle on the verge of foreign soil. What I did over the years makes it hard for me to return home. But it should be noted that a nation of 6 million should not be put in the hand of a “sykiong” born and grow on alien soil. His Holiness is getting older and if he pass away, the outlook of the nation gets gloomy. There is even rumor these days that His Holiness "Yeshi Norbu" has a son. Tibet is in chaos and that deeply grieves me.

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RE: Protests against Dalai Lama

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You know, I haven't stayed abreast with His Holiness and how his barred situation is going... but I do know that it's crap whats happening...

Perhaps you could explicate on the situation and why it makes you feel grief that would help our understanding.