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Nasal bridge pressure
10/28/14 2:50 PM
Hello everyone! A couple of months lurker here.  I have been doing concentration practice seriously for about two weeks, and 3 days ago I started to feel a big pressure on the nasal bridge, it does not hurt, but neither it is pleasurable. I've been doing some research and I don't know if it could be "tactile nimitta", because it is not pleasurable at all. I should add that when the pressure begins my mind, or eyes, or something like mindvision does a kind of zooming, first to the inside, and immediately after to the outside. I don't know how to describe this zoming-thing better.Also, this pressure continues for a while after I stop meditating.

And that's it, thank you everyone for this community!

RE: Nasal bridge pressure
10/29/14 9:38 AM as a reply to TopuKekoru.
Yes everybody experiences this. It's not especially pleasant, though it's possible to deepen your concentration by staying with this sensation just like any other sensation that presents itself very clearly to the mind and tends to dominate out other, weaker sensations.

You can try focusing on it more. You can also try relaxing muscle tension in and around your face, head, and neck when this shows up, then returning to your chosen meditation object. Either way, concentration will deepen as you keep the practice up.

RE: Nasal bridge pressure
10/29/14 11:18 AM as a reply to J Adam G.
Thank you very much, I was confused because what I found on other threads were pressures between the eyes, and none in the nasal bridge. But I guess that it is the same thing just situated in another place. I tried to concentrate in the pressure and I started to feel a general "coolness" on my skin, it was really pleasurable, so I think that concentrating on it could work for me. Thanks again.

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